Home Appliances Save Money and Stay Cool: How a Pre-Season HVAC Tune Up Can Reduce Energy Costs

Save Money and Stay Cool: How a Pre-Season HVAC Tune Up Can Reduce Energy Costs

by Michael Blount

Did you know that an HVAC emergency can cost double or even triple what you would normally pay? Although sometimes emergencies happen by accident, you can avoid a large majority of them with a pre-season HVAC tune-up.

Getting your HVAC system in order before periods of heavy use is crucial for optimal maintenance and lifespan. Here are some things to consider to avoid a costly heater or AC repair.

Clean Your Coils

When you turn on your air conditioner, the coils suck in heat that is in your home before the air conditioner pumps out cooler air. However, if these aren’t functioning properly, they can cause unnecessary stress on your system.

Debris, dust, and grime will build up on your coils. Clean them regularly so they can do their job without running up your electric bill in the process.

Get a Routine Inspection

You shouldn’t only contact HVAC maintenance when there is a major problem. It’s important to get an HVAC diagnostic at least annually to ensure your system is in working order.

Your HVAC technician will perform any necessary repairs and let you know if there is major damage. Often, you will be able to fix issues before they become costly problems down the road.

Adjust Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is a key in the formula that helps air conditioners work properly. When your refrigerant levels are low, you might not experience a cooling effect from your AC system.

Low refrigerant will also tax your system. Check your refrigerant levels regularly as part of your AC maintenance, and have some on hand in case you need to top it off.

Check for Airflow Obstructions

It’s easy for dirt and debris to build up in your HVAC system. However, they can cause major issues if you don’t get rid of them and they end up blocking your airflow.

Walk around your home while your system is on and inspect all of your vents and thermostats. If you notice a lack of airflow from one or more, you should clean it thoroughly. Call your HVAC maintenance company if the problem persists.

These types of obstructions can also cause allergies and sickness in your home from the dirty air being pushed through the vents.

Inspect Pipes

Your pipes should be located a few inches off the ground so your heating system functions properly. This way, you can avoid water or dirt interfering with the pipes.

Check the pipes for clogs. Similar to the vents, pipes can naturally accumulate all types of detritus over time. The best defense is a good offense. Regular cleaning will keep the problem down to a manageable level.

Prioritize Your Pre-Season HVAC Tune-Up

A thorough pre-season HVAC tune-up is the perfect way to make sure you can run your HVAC through all types of weather and save money. Using this checklist, you should be able to extend the lifespan of your system and feel comfortable all year round.

Want more tips and tricks for maintaining your property? Our site has everything you need. Check it out to learn more.

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