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The Opulent World of Les Wexner House: Inside the Billionaire’s Sprawling Ohio Estate

by Michael Blount

Les Wexner House, the founder of L Brands, is known for his impressive real estate properties. He owns a large estate in New Albany, Ohio, which includes a 45,000-square-foot home with 30 rooms situated on 336 acres of land. The estate features a guest house that was decorated by the famous interior designer John Stefanidis. Additionally, an 8,037-square foot home at 361 N. Parkview Ave. in Bexley, Ohio, which used to be the residence of Les Wexner, was on sale for $3.95 million. Furthermore, there are mentions of a 55,000-square-foot compound built and owned by Les Wexner House in New Albany, Ohio. This demonstrates that Les Wexner House is associated with several significant properties in the Ohio area.

Leslie “Les” Wexner, the billionaire founder of retail conglomerate L Brands, is one of the most prominent figures in Ohio’s history. But few are aware of the sprawling luxury estate he built in New Albany, offering a fascinating glimpse into the lifestyle of the Victoria’s Secret mogul.

Les Wexner House Complete Details

Les Wexner has shaped Ohio’s economy for decades through his retail empire L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and other brands. As Ohio’s wealthiest resident, Wexner built a palatial estate in New Albany during the 1990s that stands today as a symbol of his power and influence.

Spanning 336 acres and incorporating a massive 45,000 square foot main residence, the “les wexner house” exemplifies the billionaire’s extravagant tastes. With lavish interiors by famed designer John Stefanidis and amenities like a pool, tennis court and guest homes, the property is estimated to have cost over $100 million.

But the estate is also deeply intertwined with Wexner’s controversial relationship with the late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. For years, Epstein frequented one of the property’s guest homes during visits to Ohio. While Wexner has said he severed all ties over a decade ago, his connection to Epstein looms over the legacy of his real estate crown jewel.

Inside Les Wexner’s Opulent Main Residence

Spanning 336 acres of beautiful countryside in New Albany, Ohio, the estate owned by retail mogul Les Wexner is one of America’s largest private residences. The expansive property centers around a palatial 45,000 square foot Georgian manor filled with luxury.

An Architectural Marvel Meticulously Designed

Built in a classic Georgian architectural style, the stately redbrick Les Wexner House incorporates an ornate white facade and slate green roof. Internally, famed London interior designer John Stefanidis outfitted the mansion with elaborate antique furnishings and art curated by Wexner’s wife Abigail.

No expense was spared, with Stefanidis overseeing every architectural detail and incorporating the most modern technologies and infrastructure throughout all three floors. The Les Wexner House has a total of 14 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms.

Manicured gardens and lawns surround the property, with a pool house and entertainment pavilion for hosting social events. Multiple attached and detached garages Les Wexner House extensive car collection.

Lavish Living Spaces Reflect a Billionaire’s Taste

Beyond the sheer scale of the residence, the interior decor reflects the vast wealth and opulence of its billionaire owner. Priceless antique furniture and art fill endless rooms. Intricate moldings, palladian windows and marble floors exemplify the attention to luxury throughout.

The two-story library serves as Wexner’s private retreat within the Les Wexner House. Packed with thousands of books and manuscripts, it demonstrates the breadth of his collections. The home also incorporates more contemporary amenities, like a home movie theater, fitness center and indoor pool.

Several Les Wexner House offices provide workspace for Wexner to oversee his retail empire and investments. The overall decor underscores his passion for architecture and interior design.

Sprawling Grounds Built for Entertainment

While palatial in its scale, the “Les Wexner House” main residence was designed with hosting guests in mind. The lavish pool house allows for large-scale entertaining, as does a spacious interior grill room.

Outside, amenities include a sunken tennis court, reflecting pool, terraced lawns and a restored 19th century European fountain. Horses graze on the grounds of the 336 acre estate. Numerous garages house Wexner’s luxury vehicle collection.

The property includes several additional guest homes seperate from the main Les Wexner House, which Wexner has frequently offered to visiting friends and dignitaries over the years.

The Guest Home Frequented by Jeffrey Epstein

Among the additional homes scattered across Les Wexner’s New Albany property is a 7,000 square foot guest residence that became closely linked to his former financial advisor Jeffrey Epstein. For years, Epstein stayed at the Les Wexner House for extended periods while visiting Ohio.

A Lavish Les Wexner House Offering Isolated Privacy

Built in a similar Georgian style as the main manor, this sizable seven-bedroom Les Wexner House provided a luxurious retreat for visitors. Epstein reportedly stayed there for long stretches of time across the 1990s.

The guest home stands apart from the main estate compound, offering greater privacy. With 7,000 square feet of living space, it provided ample amenities for the disgraced financier during his stays.

Now Seen Through the Lens of the Epstein Scandal

However, Epstein’s use of this opulent “les wexner house” guest home has now become engulfed in controversy given his record as a convicted sex offender prior to his 2019 death.

Wexner had severed all ties with Epstein more than a decade earlier, once allegations about Epstein came to light. But the months or possibly years Epstein spent on the grounds, before that point, have cast a cloud over the estate’s legacy.

It presents yet another facet of the intrigue linking the Victoria’s Secret billionaire and the notorious predator who exploited his wealth and connections.

Wexner’s Mark on Ohio Through Philanthropy and Business

While his real estate holdings may conjure images of extravagance, Les Wexner has also left a lasting impact on Ohio through major philanthropic efforts. And his retail empire headquartered in Columbus helped transform the city’s economy.

Shaping Columbus Through L Brands

Wexner’s foundational role in the growth of Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works and Abercrombie & Fitch fueled economic development in Columbus where he established his headquarters.

The 1977 opening of the first Limited stores in Columbus marked the genesis of what would become L Brands. Wexner’s impact reshaped the retail landscape nationally and made Columbus a major fashion industry hub.

Prominent Community Leadership and Philanthropy

As his wealth and success grew, Wexner shared it generously with Ohio non-profits. His Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University helped transform the city into a cultural destination.

Wexner played a pivotal role in saving the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and served on the board of Ohio State University. His family foundation donated over $125 million to Ohio non-profits by 2019. This generosity earned Wexner the reputation as one of Ohio’s leading philanthropists.


The sprawling estate Les Wexner built in New Albany provides both a stunning architectural achievement and an illuminating reflection of his public legacy. The lavish “new albany estate” stands as a testament to Wexner’s wealth and prominence in Ohio.

But elements like the notorious guest home also represent the more controversial aspects of Wexner’s career. As L Brands faces its own cultural reckonings amid changing views, the billionaire’s legacy remains complex. This palatial Ohio compound encapsulates both the heights of his success and its complicated facets.

The intimacy of his connection with Jeffery Epstein manifests physically in the form of the side residence Epstein inhabited. This massive Les Wexner House remains a benchmark of wealth and influence, as well as its potential abuses. Wexner’s cultural impact echoes through both his groundbreaking retail brands and vast charitable giving. This stunning private estate captures all these elements as a monument to its enigmatic owner.

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