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Backyard Storage Options: 4 Types of Pre Built Sheds

by Michael Blount

Clutter is a way of life in the United States, with 36 percent of homeowners unable to park in the garage due to a lack of organization. One of the best ways to create more space for storage at your home is by investing in an outdoor shed. The shed is the ultimate place to store landscaping equipment, tools, and other miscellaneous items.

Pre-build sheds are the most convenient option to upgrade your home. Your job ends with creating space for the shed and choosing your favorite.

Luckily, you’re in the perfect place to explore your options for sheds for sale. Continue reading to explore your options for storage sheds today!

1. The A-Frame Shed

A-frame sheds are an excellent option to add to your backyard for more storage if you want to add a dash of class to your home and property. It’s a basic design that provides practical storage for tools and gardening accessories to clear up more space in your home or garage.

It’s also a suitable option for a home office or workshop, helping you get more value for your money. Consider metal and wood building options to find an A-frame design that matches your home’s aesthetic.

2. Modern Shed

The modern shed is a prefab option you can install in your backyard to increase your storage space. They’re beneficial to consider if you want to add an extra bedroom to your property in addition to more storage.

Most modern prefab sheds opt for wood, though metal is a better option for longevity and maintenance. It’s a fantastic way to add color and excitement to your home’s yard.

3. Gable Shed

The gable shed is among the most common designs homeowners choose when adding an outdoor shed to the property. They’re a basic option that is perfect for stowing lawnmowers, outdoor furniture, and other belongings with protection from the elements.

You can use a gable shed to organize your tools, and a double-door option will allow for easy loading and unloading. Wood is the most common material for gable sheds, but metal is worth considering. Metal sheds require less work to maintain compared to wood Outdoor storage sheds.

4. Steel Sheds

If the design and aesthetic are lesser priorities, consider buying steel pre-built sheds for your property. They lack the elegance and class of other options, but you’ll get a durable shed that will stand up to Mother Nature.

The best manufacturers include floors with metal sheds for your convenience. The shed is robust enough to deter potential intruders while protecting your belongings from the weather. They’re also quick to assemble.

Shop for Your Favorite Pre-Built Sheds Today

Buying pre-built sheds is an effective way to create more storage on your property, allowing you to remove clutter from your garage and enjoy a pristine yard and home. The A-frame shed is a beautiful and practical option, while steel pre-built sheds are designed to handle extreme weather. The gable shed is a classic option that is perfect for your backyard or garden.

The small additions to your home and yard make a massive difference in curb appeal. Explore our Home Improvement content to take your property to the next level!

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