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Discovering the Wonders of Colleen Ballinger House

by Michael Blount

Colleen Ballinger is one of the most successful YouTubers and entertainers today. With over 23 million subscribers across her two YouTube channels and a multifaceted career, Colleen has built an impressive empire over the last decade. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Colleen’s latest vlog discussing the renovation of her new house, her recent emotional struggles, controversies surrounding the entertainer, her prolific career, personal life events, and speculation around when she might release a full house tour. There is much to unpack when it comes to the ever-evolving world of Colleen Ballinger, the woman behind the Miranda Sings character.

Colleen Ballinger rose to fame in 2008 when she created the character of Miranda Sings, a quirky, untalented performer who believes she was born to be a star. What started as a parody evolved into a full-fledged act, with Colleen posting videos in character on YouTube. The Miranda Sings channel now has over 8 million subscribers, and Colleen has taken the character on tour across the world. She even starred as Miranda in the Netflix original series Haters Back Off from 2016-2017.

Outside of Miranda, Colleen also has a successful personal YouTube channel with over 15 million subscribers. She vlogs about her life, posts comedic sketches, and addresses drama surrounding her career. Colleen has expanded beyond YouTube to release comedy albums in character, publish books, act in films and TV shows, and even star on Broadway.

In this article, we’ll explore several key areas of interest when it comes to the web star – the renovation of her new home, her emotional struggles, controversies, prolific career, personal life, and speculation around the release of her home tour. There’s a lot to break down when it comes to the ever-evolving empire of Colleen Ballinger.

Colleen Ballinger House Renovation

In December 2022, Colleen Ballinger posted a new vlog detailing the renovation process for her new home in California. She and her fiancé Erik Stocklin purchased the house earlier last year, and have been hard at work turning it into their dream home.

In the 40-minute video, Colleen brings viewers along as she checks on the progress of the renovation. Some of the notable updates include:

  • Converting the living room into a massive closet and glam room
  • Adding a open floor plan with 20 foot ceilings
  • Building a recording studio
  • Constructing an outdoor kitchen
  • Putting in a pool, hot tub, and slide

Colleen expresses her excitement over the renovations, saying:

I cannot wait to show you guys the finished product. This is going to be my absolute dream home. I’m so lucky to be able to renovate this place into our perfect little oasis.

She also hints that once the renovation is complete in a few more months, she’ll film a full house tour. Fans have been speculating non-stop about when exactly Colleen will showcase the final reveal of her new abode.

When Will the House Tour Drop?

Devoted fans of Colleen Ballinger have been anxiously awaiting the official house tour since she first teased the renovation last year. Here are some predictions on when Colleen might finally showcase the finished product:

  • Spring 2023 – The renovations seem extensive, so it’s likely we won’t see the full tour until at least spring of next year. Colleen hinted it would take a few more months to complete.
  • To Coincide With a Life Event – Colleen could be strategic and wait for a big life milestone, like her wedding to Erik, to release the full house tour. More buzz that way!
  • During VidCon 2023 – What better place to drop the house tour than at the largest online video convention? The tour could come out in June 2023.
  • Piecemeal Reveals – Colleen may opt to show parts of the house gradually before the final reveal. She could tease the glam room or studio first.
  • Surprise Drop – Colleen loves to surprise fans, so she may just drop the full house tour unexpectedly one day!

Whenever the grand reveal happens, fans will definitely be watching. The renovated Colleen Ballinger house is shaping up to be an Instagram dream, and the tour is sure to break YouTube records. Let the countdown begin!

Colleen Ballinger Emotional Struggles

In addition to renovating her home, Colleen Ballinger has also been remarkably open lately about her emotional struggles and mental health. In several raw vlogs over the past few months, Colleen has allowed fans an inside look at her ongoing battles with anxiety, burnout, body image, and more.

In an October 2022 video titled “A Day in My Life! Burnout, Anxiety & Trying to Feel Better”, Colleen documents a grueling day balancing work, family, and her many roles as a public figure. She shares:

Lately I’ve just been feeling so burnt out and anxious. Some days it takes everything in me just to get out of bed. …I’m trying to be transparent and share this very real part of my world.

Fans flooded the comments with support for Colleen’s honesty. Many thanked her for bringing awareness to mental health issues.

Colleen also posted a video in November 2022 called “Trying On My Old Miranda Costumes” where she opens up about her body image struggles:

Grappling with my body changing as I enter my 30s has not been easy. Gaining weight, seeing new stretch marks and lines – it messes with your head. …I’m learning to cut myself some slack.

By candidly addressing topics like burnout and body image, Colleen humanizes herself and gets real about the less glamorous sides of being an influencer.

Why Is Colleen Opening Up Now?

Colleen Ballinger has built her career on comedy, so her vulnerable mental health confessions represent a noticeable shift. What prompted this?

Maturing Personally – In her 30s now, Colleen seems to be moving beyond surface-level content and seeking meaning.

Fan Feedback – Comments urging her to share more may have inspired Colleen’s honesty.

Therapy – Speaking openly may be part of Colleen’s therapy journey.

Backlash Fears – Colleen may want to control the narrative before others speculate about her mental health.

Relatability – Her openness makes Colleen more relatable and could strengthen her brand long-term.

No matter the reasons, fans are applauding Colleen for promoting mental health awareness – while hoping she remembers to practice self-care.

Colleen Ballinger Controversies

Although widely popular, Colleen Ballinger’s career has not been without its share of controversies over the years. While Colleen typically ignores negativity online, some drama is too big to brush under the rug. Let’s discuss a few of the notable controversies surrounding the web star.

Miranda Sings Asian Impression

One of Colleen’s biggest controversies involves racially insensitive impressions she did while in Miranda character back in 2014. In several videos, Miranda mocking Asian accents and mannerisms as part of a “foreign exchange student” shtick.

The videos resurfaced in 2021, sparking renewed accusations of racism and calls for Colleen to address the issue. Colleen finally responded in a video apologizing for her “offensive and culturally insensitive” impressions. While many fans forgave her, others argued the apology was overdue and inadequate.

Sarah Pearl the Nurse Video

In 2020, Colleen came under fire for a video prank involving her Sarah Pearl character, a quirky nurse. In the quickly deleted video, Sarah joked about stealing PPE and spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Viewers blasted Colleen for mocking healthcare workers during the height of the pandemic.

Colleen apologized, explaining the video was filmed months prior but she should not have posted it. Still, many felt the apology rang hollow and the damage was done.

Weight Loss Speculation

When photos emerged in 2022 showing Colleen looking noticeably slimmer, some fans began worrying she was losing weight in an unhealthy way. Colleen shut down the speculation in a vlog, stating:

My weight tends to fluctuate. Don’t make assumptions about people’s health based on their bodies.

While Colleen defended herself, the controversy reignited debates about body shaming and women’s changing bodies being subject to public scrutiny.

How Might Colleen Respond to Controversies?

Colleen Ballinger has dealt with her share of controversies over the course of her very public career. While her responses have varied, we may see her handle future issues by:

  • Making quicker, more heartfelt apologies right away
  • Consulting advisors before posting contentious videos
  • Addressing criticism head-on rather than avoiding it
  • Taking more time away from social media during scandals
  • Making thoughtful changes to do better in the future

The controversies have seemed to subside as of late, but only time will tell how Colleen responds to the next big scandal or criticism against her. With over a decade in the spotlight, Colleen is no stranger to online backlash. However, the past few years have marked noticeable missteps that damaged her reputation. Moving forward, maintaining an unblemished public image may require more conscientiousness from the influencer and entertainer.

Colleen Ballinger Prolific Career

Setting controversies aside, there’s no denying Colleen Ballinger boasts an extremely prolific, multifaceted career. She has achieved massive success as a YouTuber, comedian, actress, singer, writer, and overall entertainer. Let’s break down Colleen’s many ventures over the years.

YouTube Career

As mentioned, Colleen runs two hugely successful YouTube channels:

  • Miranda Sings – This comedy channel launched in 2008 and now has over 8 million subscribers. Colleen uploads videos satirizing talent shows, beauty tutorials, unboxings, and more.
  • Colleen Ballinger – Colleen’s personal vlog channel has over 15 million subscribers. She posts daily vlogs, comedy sketches, Q&As, and storytimes about her life.

Across both channels, Colleen has amassed billions of views establishing herself as one of YouTube’s top creators. She’s mastered the art of parody (as Miranda) and relatable storytelling (as herself).

Miranda Sings Character

While Miranda Sings started as a YouTube persona, she has evolved into a full-blown lucrative franchise for Colleen. She has taken the character on multiple live tours, released albums, published books, and even starred in her own Netflix series as Miranda.

The Miranda Sings persona encapsulates Colleen’s comedic talents with her hilarious impersonation of a narcissistic, delusional, yet endearing wannabe star. It launched Colleen’s career and remains her claim to fame. Fans can’t get enough of the outrageous Miranda antics.

Acting Ventures

Beyond her digital content and Miranda tours, Colleen has branched into traditional acting gigs including:

  • A lead role in the 2018 Netflix romantic comedy When We First Met
  • Guest stints on shows like Jane the Virgin
  • Voice acting in animated films like Ice Age: Collision Course
  • Her Miranda Sings Netflix series Haters Back Off! (2016-2017)

Proving she’s more than just a web star, Colleen has impressively transitioned onto the big screen. She flexes her acting chops playing roles other than Miranda or herself.

Broadway Debut

In 2019, Colleen Ballinger accomplished a major career milestone – starring on Broadway. She played Dawn in the musical adaptation of the cult classic film Waitress.

Landing a lead Broadway role cemented Colleen’s status as a multitalented performer. Her acting and vocals shined on the live stage in a way fans had never seen before.

Books, Music, and More

On top of her packed entertainment resume, Colleen has also:

  • Released pop albums as Miranda Sings
  • Published humorous books like Self-Help by Miranda Sings
  • Launched makeup, clothing, and other merchandise lines
  • Won awards like Teen Choice’s “Choice Web Star”

Simply put, Colleen is a comedy, acting, and business powerhouse. She has leveraged her internet fame to create an entire industry around her hilarious Miranda Sings persona and genuine YouTube personality. Colleen Ballinger boasts an entertainment empire most influencers only dream of.

Colleen Ballinger Personal Life

Behind the laughs and performances, Colleen Ballinger leads an equally interesting personal life. She gives fans intimate glimpses into her biggest life moments through her vlogs and social media. Here’s a look at some of Colleen’s major personal events over the recent years.

Marriage and Divorce

From 2015 to 2016, Colleen was married to fellow YouTuber Joshua David Evans (aka Josh Evans). Their wedding and married life was heavily documented across their channels. However, the relationship ended in divorce in 2016.

Colleen was transparent about the difficulties and heartbreak of getting divorced so quickly. Her vulnerability around the split resonated with fans who applauded her honesty.

Current Engagement

In 2021, Colleen revealed she was dating actor Erik Stocklin. The couple shared their proposal in a 2022 vlog that now has over 4 million views.

Colleen and Erik seem blissfully in love. Fans are eagerly awaiting their wedding, which will undoubtedly be shared via vlog like all of Colleen’s major life updates.

Giving Birth On Camera

One of Colleen’s most iconic and vulnerable videos was her December 2017 vlog where she documented the birth of her son Flynn. Colleen allowed cameras in the delivery room as she gave birth and captured every raw moment.

The emotional video has over 27 million views and represents the height of Colleen’s brand – radical openness with fans who feel connected to her journey.

Life as a Mother

Much of Colleen’s recent vlog content centers around motherhood. She shares funny stories of parenting fails, takes fans along to Flynn’s activities, and gets real about balancing work and family.

Seeing this online superstar transform into a caring mom added further depth to her channel. Fans feel invested in seeing Flynn grow up.

Through all of the ups and downs – a whirlwind marriage, difficult divorce, new romance, and becoming a mom in the public eye – Colleen remains open with her audience every step of the way. Her vlogs provide an authentic window into the off-camera happenings of her adventurous life.


Colleen Ballinger has masterfully created an entire industry by sharing her talent and life with the world. From her hilarious Miranda Sings character to her vulnerable vlogs addressing mental health and life updates, she has remained a relevant – albeit sometimes controversial – force in the influencer space for over a decade.

While her house renovation is still underway, the finished product is sure to be an architecturally stunning representation of how far Colleen has come career-wise. Yet she continues to keep it real and connect with loyal supporters despite her immense fame.

What’s next for Colleen? A glamorous house tour, an elaborate wedding, and likely even more transparency about the genuine struggles and celebrations that come with building an online empire. Through it all, devoted fans will be eagerly tuned into Colleen’s channels as her success story continues unfolding.

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