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How to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

by Michael Blount

Many people view real estate as an investment, not just a place to live. It’s no surprise when real estate prices trend up over time.

The problem is that you may not see those increases if you don’t care for your home and make it shine. So, what can you do to get the most value for your home? Let’s look at how to boost your home’s resale value.

Perform a Deep Clean

Your home’s cleanliness can drastically impact home value. If things appear dirty and cluttered, potential buyers will think there’s less space than there really is and get the impression that you don’t take care of the home.

Start by cleaning carpets, walls, and other areas. Continue by gathering all the things you don’t need and get rid of them, organizing each storage area in your home along the way.

Find Home Issues

The majority of home buyers want to avoid buying homes with problems. Home flippers may take a look at what you have, but they will offer a lower bid that correlates to the amount of work needed to fix things up.

Repairing home issues before you list it for sale will allow you to command a higher price. Look for roof issues, AC problems, and any other detriment.

Perform a Remodel

Unfortunately, there are some cases when parts of a home can become outdated. You use old cabinetry, furniture, and fixtures that make your home stale.

You can solve this issue by doing small remodels where possible. For example, you can start looking at a kitchen upgrade. You can keep it simple, like choosing the best kitchen sink to match the kitchen, or create a whole new design.

Boost the Curb Appeal

The first impression can be significant in how someone values a house. It helps define someone’s experience and expectations during a home tour.

That starts with your home’s curb appeal. If the front of the home appears unkempt and poorly maintained, what does that say about the rest of the home? Add flower beds, maintain the grass, and trim trees to improve the curb appeal.

Stage Your Home

One of the quickest ways to improve home value is to stage your home in a way that appeals to the most people. You want people to bid up on your home’s price, not try to get it at the lowest value possible.

Staging your home means putting neutral furniture in common areas, painting neutral colors, and de-personalizing the home. Doing this makes it more inviting for others without your taste and makes it easier for people to imagine themselves as the homeowner.

Improve Your Home Resale Value

Homes typically increase in value over time, but you may not see the full value if you don’t update your home. You may see things break, decor go out of style, and many other issues that impact a home’s resale value.

Luckily, there are many tactics you can utilize to increase your home’s value. The above tips are only the start, so keep looking for home improvement projects that will make a difference.

Do you plan on taking on any home renovations yourself? Learn more about how to do home upgrades by checking out the other home improvement advice on the blog.

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