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How to Maximize the Value of Your Denver Home Before Selling It

by Michael Blount

A home is often considered an investment for a lifetime because of its monetary and sentimental value. However, many homeowners end up listing their properties for sale for various reasons.

You may want to upsize or downsize according to your current needs. Alternatively, you may sell to relocate or address a financial emergency. Whatever the reason, you want to get the best value for your property.

If you are a Denver resident, this may not be a great time to sell your house. According to the Denver Post, metro home sales in the city witnessed a significant decline in 2023, dropping to 2011 levels. Only 41,840 sales were closed during the year, which is not a positive sign for prospective sellers. You may have to settle for less if you want to wrap up the deal quickly.

Why not make some smart moves to maximize the value of your Denver home before listing it on the market? Fortunately, a few upgrades and improvements can help you secure a good deal. We will share a few you can implement without breaking the bank.

Get a Flooring Revamp

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, refinishing hardwood floors offers 147% returns, the highest percentage recovered from a remodel job. Homes with hardwood floors also sell faster and get a higher price. Consider swapping your flooring before getting ready for sale.

Dark wood like mahogany and walnut are trending as the rich color ages beautifully and hides dirt better. It also blends well with popular décor trends, from minimalist to chic modern interiors. However, be ready to invest a bit if you want expensive variants like Brazilian walnut, tigerwood, or mahogany. Homeowners on a tight budget can opt for pine or oak.

Add a Home Office Space

With the pandemic fueling the remote work trend, the home office became ubiquitous on the checklist of buyers. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles magazine listed it among the top design trends of 2021. The trend is here to stay, with many Americans sticking with remote work for the long haul. Adding a home office to your living space is an excellent way to enhance its value.

Set aside a dedicated space for work, away from distractions and street noises. It could be an extra room or even a quiet corner in your bedroom. Ensure good ventilation, ample lighting, and a comfortable ambiance. You can add shelves and storage space for functionality. Also, integrate a personal touch with ergonomic furniture, inspiring décor, and green elements.

Invest in a Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover

Bankrate notes that even a minor kitchen remodel can help you recoup up to 85.7% of the outlay when selling your home. A bathroom makeover is an equally wise choice for sellers looking to sell fast and at a good price, even in a slow market like Denver. Look for experts in luxury kitchen and bath design in Denver to get started with the project.

According to bulthaup Denver, homeowners should prioritize a mix of aesthetics and functionality when designing these spaces. These factors make your home desirable to buyers, and they will be ready to pay more for the property. You should not think twice about investing in these projects because the returns are worthwhile.

Revamp Your Deck

A study by Michigan State University establishes you can sell your home at 5 to 11% higher price with curb appeal improvement. Fixing up the deck and the garden area gives you a good start. Revamp the deck by replacing loose or rotten planks and refreshing it with a dark stain. It costs a fraction of the expensive wood but enhances the look and feel of your outdoor space well enough.

A few inexpensive additions can add extra cozy and inviting vibes to the space. Consider moving out a few old furniture pieces to create an outdoor seating area. Hang up outdoor lighting or fairy lights and add a few plants on the deck to create a perfect party ambiance. A prospective homeowner will probably fall in love with your place right away.

In conclusion, selling your Denver home in a tight market can be a breeze, provided you are willing to make a few savvy upgrades. Think beyond painting and decluttering your space, and invest in these simple home improvement projects. Although they may cost a bit, the returns on investment justify the expense. You will surely get the value your property deserves and sell sooner rather than later, regardless of the real estate trends.

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