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How to Plan and Light Up Your Kitchen?

by Michael Blount

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house and you need to plan for all the different elements in it. One area that you need to ensure you take care of is the lighting.

Good lighting will not only make movement and working easier in the kitchen, but it will also prevent accidents. Lighting features can also be a decorative aspect of the kitchen. Here is how you plan and light up your kitchen.

Know your needs

The first step to ensuring that you get it right with the lighting is to figure out what your lighting needs are. If you have a bigger work area than storage then your lighting will be centred around the work area. It also gives you a better idea in how many lights you will need and how you need to place them.

Kitchen lights and their uses

There are three different types of lights you can use in your kitchen. Knowing all about them gives you a better idea on what to expect.


The most vital light you need in your kitchen is task lighting. It can be found over work spaces like the surfaces used for food prep as well as the cooking area. These lights come in different forms but they need to be bright enough to ensure visibility. Compact lighting can also be used especially in areas like underneath shelves for easier use and to cut on space use


Ambient lights are softer and warmer and can be used as the main lighting fixture in the kitchen. They do not need to be too bright, especially if they are not the only light in the kitchen.

Ambient light can, however, be used as task light in a small kitchen. To make them easier to use and prevent them from getting in the way, it is recommended to use flush lights. They offer enough illumination while giving you sufficient headspace.


Accent lights are also known as statement lights. They are used to highlight certain parts of the kitchen that you might want to draw attention to. It might be a fun quote on one of your kitchen walls or the kitchen island. These lights are rarely used but still come in handy to illuminate your kitchen.

Basic tips on lighting your kitchen

Once you figure out what your needs and the different type of lighting in the market are, all that is left to do is figure out how to incorporate them into your home. Here are a few tips.

Illuminate all work surfaces

The most important thing you need to remember is lighting up your work surfaces.  Ensure that your task lights are directed to that. Without sufficient lighting on your work surfaces then you will struggle with moving around in the kitchen. Ensure the lights are bright enough in the work areas.

Have all types of lighting in your kitchen

One way to ensure your kitchen stays sufficiently illuminated is to have all the three types of lighting in it. The three different types of lights used together give off a rich and vibrant light in the kitchen.

They also ensure that no space stays unlit and therefore using your kitchen is made easy. To do this efficiently, come up with a plan on where each light will be installed so they don’t get placed too close together.

Don’t forget the headspace

One important thing to remember when it comes to your kitchen lighting is to make space for headspace. If you have low ceiling then it is best to use flush or semi-flush lights. They give enough headroom and provide just as much illumination as the other options in the market.

Include lighting beneath your cabinets

One area you should remember to illuminate is beneath your cabinet. It makes it easier to use the place, especially late at night when all one needs is a glass of water or to make coffee without brightening the whole kitchen.

Lighting up your kitchen not only makes it look good but makes it easy to move around and work in it. At Las Sola, we know all your kitchen lighting needs and have all the right fixtures for you. We will work with you and ensure that you plan your kitchen lights right.

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