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Jeanine Pirro House Tour & Insights – Peek Inside!

by Michael Blount

Get ready for a unique opportunity to peek inside the luxurious house of Jeanine Pirro, former District Attorney and TV host. In this article, we offer an exclusive virtual tour of her opulent house and provide valuable insights into its history, design, and notable features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the origins of Jeanine Pirro’s house in Westchester County
  • Discover the opulent features of her five-bedroom house, including an outdoor pool and a whimsical cigar hut
  • Take a closer look at the architectural details, designer features, and outdoor living areas
  • Learn about Jeanine Pirro’s life and career as a TV personality and legal analyst
  • Discover notable facts and features of her house, such as a tax fraud case and pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs

The Origins of Jeanine Pirro’s House

Jeanine Pirro’s house, also known as the Harrison House, has a rich history that adds to its allure. The property was built in 1988 and is located in the beautiful Westchester County of New York. Its prime location, just a few miles north of Manhattan, makes it an attractive option for those who enjoy the calm of suburban living but want easy access to the city.

The house bears Jeanine Pirro’s name as she was the owner of the property. However, it is currently unclear if the property is available for sale. Sources indicate that it might be available, but it is essential to verify that information, and interested parties should consult with relevant real estate agencies.

Jeanine Pirro’s Life and Career

Jeanine Pirro has led a remarkable life as a former Westchester County District Attorney, TV personality, and legal analyst. She earned a law degree from Albany Law School and spent over a decade as a prosecutor in the Westchester County Court system before becoming the first female judge in the county’s history.

After serving as a judge for several years, Pirro returned to practicing law and founded her own private practice. She gained national recognition as a legal analyst for various media outlets, including Fox News. In 2006, she became the host of Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” and has since become one of the network’s most popular personalities.

Despite facing some controversy over the years, including involvement in a tax fraud case, Pirro has built a successful career in law and media. Her passion for justice and legal expertise have made her a respected figure in both fields.

Exploring the House at 3 Beechwood Circle

The address of Jeanine Pirro’s house is 3 Beechwood Circle, a magnificent property that reflects the grandeur of its owner. The house is located in Westchester County, New York, which boasts some of the most exclusive and pricey real estate in the country. Visitors will be struck by the property’s lush green surroundings, where the charm of rural landscapes meets the sophistication of city living.

Much of the interior decor of the house at 3 Beechwood Circle was designed by Michele Flood of Ocean House, who is known for her impeccable taste in luxury interiors. The overall design of the house is opulent and elegant, with no detail overlooked. From the marble floors to the French doors, the house exudes the extravagance of Jeanine Pirro’s lifestyle.

The Opulent Features of Jeanine Pirro’s House

Jeanine Pirro’s five-bedroom house exudes opulence from every corner. The outdoor pool and whimsical cigar hut make a bold statement as visitors enter this grand property. Elegant marble floors and French doors add to the luxurious atmosphere of the home.

Features Description
Five-Bedroom House Jeanine Pirro’s house boasts five generously sized bedrooms, perfect for accommodating large families or hosting guests.
Opulent The luxurious finishes and attention to detail throughout the house make it clear that no expense was spared in its design and construction.
Outdoor Pool The sparkling outdoor pool is the centerpiece of the beautifully landscaped backyard, offering a refreshing respite on hot summer days.
Whimsical Cigar Hut The unique cigar hut adds an element of whimsy to the opulence of the property, making it a standout feature among other luxury homes.
Marble Floors The marble flooring throughout the house exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic of the property.
French Doors The French doors add a touch of old-world charm to the house, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor living areas.

The opulent features of Jeanine Pirro’s house are a testament to the former District Attorney’s impeccable taste and love of luxury. They make it clear that this is no ordinary house, but a masterpiece of grandeur and sophistication.

Inside Jeanine Pirro’s House – Floor Plan and Layout

As we step into Jeanine Pirro’s house at 3 Beechwood Circle, the striking floor plan and layout immediately catch our attention. The house boasts an open floor plan with spacious areas for entertaining and relaxing.

The living room features high ceilings, expansive windows that let in plenty of natural light, and a cozy fireplace for chilly evenings. The designer touches add a touch of elegance and luxury to the already opulent living space.

One of the highlights of the house is the stunning master bathroom, equipped with a Jacuzzi tub to unwind after a long day. The circular driveway leading to the entrance adds a touch of grandeur to the overall aesthetic of the property.

House Area Features
Living Room Expansive windows, high ceilings, fireplace, designer touches
Master Bathroom Jacuzzi tub
Circular driveway Adds a touch of grandeur to the overall aesthetic of the property

The house’s layout is designed for comfortable living and entertaining. The open floor plan seamlessly connects the living, dining, and kitchen areas, making the whole house a perfect spot for hosting events and gatherings.

The floor plan also includes five bedrooms with ample space and privacy for family members and guests. The circular driveway provides easy access to the main entrance and ample parking space for visitors.

Overall, the floor plan and layout of Jeanine Pirro’s house provide a perfect balance between functionality and luxury, making it a perfect dream home.

Jeanine Pirro’s House – A Celebrity Home

Jeanine Pirro’s house is a true celebrity home, featuring indulgent touches that ensure every stay is luxurious. The wood-paneled interior creates an ambiance of warmth and elegance while the mahogany accents bring a sense of sophistication.

The marble fireplace enhances the cozy atmosphere of the living room, providing a comfortable space for spending time with loved ones and soaking in the ambiance. Adding to the extravagance, the house has ample space for luxury vehicles like a Ferrari and a Mercedes.

The combination of raw power and refined taste creates an enviable living space that exudes class and opulence.

Jeanine Pirro House – Outdoor Living and Landscaping

The outdoor living areas and landscaping of Jeanine Pirro’s house are just as impressive as its opulent interior. The backyard is a lush oasis that provides a perfect retreat for relaxation and entertainment. The centerpiece of this area is a stunning swimming pool that is ideal for swimming laps or sunbathing. The pool is surrounded by custom cabinetry made of granite and a beautiful pool deck with comfortable lounge chairs to soak up the sun.

Flanking the pool, you’ll find towering palm trees that add a touch of tropical beauty. These palm trees contribute to the luxurious feel of the outdoor space and provide an exotic ambiance. The lush greenery that surrounds the area puts one in close contact with nature, making one feel refreshed and relaxed.

To maximize the potential use of the space, this backyard has a beautiful outdoor living area, complete with comfortable sofas and chairs that sit atop chic outdoor rugs. This is a perfect spot for entertainment and is designed for intimate gatherings or larger events. The granite surfaces surrounding the custom-built grill add a touch of convenience along with style.

Jeanine Pirro House – Notable Facts and Features

Beyond its luxurious appearance, Jeanine Pirro’s house has several fascinating facts and features worth noting. Here are a few:

  • First Female District Attorney – Pirro made history as the first female District Attorney of Westchester County, serving from 1993 to 2005.
  • Tax Fraud Case – In 2006, Pirro was involved in a tax fraud case regarding her husband’s business. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to community service.
  • Pet Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs – Pirro is known to have kept pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs at her home, which she has talked about on her TV show.

These unique facts and features offer a glimpse into the life of the former District Attorney and the captivating story behind her opulent house.

Jeanine Pirro House – A Closer Look

As we take a closer look at Jeanine Pirro’s luxurious estate, we can’t help but notice the exquisite architectural details that adorn the vast 1.7-acre property. From the elegant columns on the entry portico to the intricate molding on the interior walls, every inch of the house boasts designer features that exude opulence and grandeur.

Architectural Details Description
Entry Portico The portico features grand columns that provide a regal entrance to the house
Interior Molding Intricate molding adorns the walls highlighting the impressive interior design
French Doors The French doors provide a seamless connection to the outdoor living areas, and natural light percolates and illuminates the interior spaces, creating an uplifting ambiance

Jeanine Pirro’s house sits on a sprawling acre of land that provides an atmosphere of seclusion and privacy, creating a refuge from the hustle and bustle of life. While enjoying the lush greenery that surrounds the house, one can’t help but appreciate the meticulously placed landscaping features that add to the grandeur and beauty of the estate.

The property has undergone a series of remodels over the years that have enhanced the already impressive home. Notably, the heating features were updated with top-of-the-range equipment, ensuring an energy-efficient and comfortable dwelling no matter the temperature outside.

It’s clear that every aspect of Jeanine Pirro’s house has been designed and remodeled to create a luxurious lifestyle that provides comfort, style, and exclusivity.


Jeanine Pirro’s house is an impressive property that exudes opulence and luxury. From its origins dating back to 1988 to the sprawling acre of land it resides on, this house is a sight to behold. With its five bedrooms, outdoor pool, whimsical cigar hut, marble floors, French doors, and custom cabinetry, it is clear that no expense was spared in its construction.

Not only is the house visually stunning, but it is also a celebrity home that boasts luxury vehicles, wood-paneled interiors, mahogany accents, and a stunning marble fireplace. The backyard is equally impressive, complete with a swimming pool and lush, tropical landscaping.

Beyond its impressive features, Jeanine Pirro’s house is also notable for the celebrity lifestyle it represents. As the first female District Attorney of Westchester County and a prominent TV personality and legal analyst, Pirro’s glamorous lifestyle is reflected in her stunning home.

This article has provided valuable insights into the world of Jeanine Pirro and her luxurious house. From its notable features and facts to the architectural details and designer touches, readers have gained a better understanding of this remarkable property.


Can I buy Jeanine Pirro’s house?

While it is rumored that Jeanine Pirro’s house may be for sale, there is no official listing or confirmation of its availability on the market. It is best to contact a real estate agent to inquire about any potential sales.

How many bedrooms does Jeanine Pirro’s house have?

Jeanine Pirro’s house boasts five bedrooms, offering ample space for the former District Attorney and her family.

What are some notable features of Jeanine Pirro’s house?

Jeanine Pirro’s house features an outdoor pool, a whimsical cigar hut, marble floors, and French doors, adding to its opulent appeal.

Is there a floor plan available for Jeanine Pirro’s house?

Unfortunately, specific floor plans for Jeanine Pirro’s house have not been made publicly available.

Does Jeanine Pirro’s house have any celebrity touches?

Yes, Jeanine Pirro’s house reflects a celebrity lifestyle with the presence of luxury vehicles such as a Ferrari and a Mercedes, as well as wood-paneled interiors, mahogany accents, and a stunning marble fireplace.

Can you provide more details about the outdoor living areas at Jeanine Pirro’s house?

Jeanine Pirro’s house offers a spacious backyard with a swimming pool, custom cabinetry, granite surfaces, palm trees, and lush landscaping, creating an ideal space for outdoor living and relaxation.

Are there any notable facts or features related to Jeanine Pirro’s house?

In addition to being an impressive property, Jeanine Pirro’s house is associated with her involvement in a tax fraud case. She is also known for keeping pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and for being the first female District Attorney in Westchester County.

Can I get a closer look at Jeanine Pirro’s house?

Unfortunately, as of now, there are limited opportunities for public access or tours of Jeanine Pirro’s house. However, this article provides a virtual glimpse into the architectural details, sprawling acre of land, remodeling aspects, heating features, and designer touches of the property.

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