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Magic Johnson House: Home of the Lakers Legend in Beverly Hills

by Michael Blount

Discover the luxurious estate of basketball icon, Magic Johnson, located in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Magic Johnson House is an iconic residence that symbolizes the pinnacle of success and elegance. This lavish property exudes sophistication and luxury, making it a sought-after address amongst affluent homeowners.

As a true legend in the world of basketball, Magic Johnson has achieved unmatched success and a legacy that has stood the test of time. His home reflects the same level of grandeur and opulence befitting of his stature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Magic Johnson House is a magnificent residence in Beverly Hills
  • It is a symbol of success and elegance
  • The property has an iconic status and location in Beverly Park
  • Magic Johnson House is equipped with luxurious features and amenities
  • The Lakers legend has an illustrious career and rich history of accomplishments

A Symbol of Success and Elegance

Upon seeing the Magic Johnson House, one cannot miss the aura of success and elegance that surrounds it. This luxurious residence resides in the upscale neighborhood of Beverly Hills, serving as a tribute to basketball icon, Magic Johnson. Through sophistication and grandeur, it epitomizes everything that made Johnson a true Lakers legend.

An Iconic Residence

Magic Johnson House is not just a residence, it is a symbol of luxury and grandeur fit for a basketball icon like Magic Johnson. The address of this iconic residence is located in the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Park in Beverly Hills, adding to the prestige and allure of this impressive property.

Luxurious Features and Amenities

Step inside the Magic Johnson House, and you’ll be greeted with opulence and luxury at its finest. The indoor basketball court is every athlete’s dream, a perfect place to practice and improve one’s basketball skills. The spacious family room is ideal for relaxing, movie nights, or hosting friends. The state-of-the-art home theater, complete with plush seating and a massive screen, is perfect for watching movies on the big screen or experiencing the ultimate gaming experience.

Feature Description
Indoor Basketball Court The indoor basketball court has custom-made hardwood floors with multiple basket options, a sound system, and stadium-style lighting to enhance the basketball experience.
Family Room The spacious family room boasts multiple seating areas, a fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows offering picturesque views of the surrounding area.
Home Theater The state-of-the-art home theater features a massive screen, surround sound, and plush seating, perfect for movie nights or a gaming experience like no other.

Every aspect of the Magic Johnson House is designed to offer the ultimate comfort and entertainment experience to its residents.

Rich History and Accomplishments

Magic Johnson’s legacy as a five-time NBA champion, hall of famer, and Lakers legend is not just limited to his accomplishments on the court. His influence on the game of basketball and contributions to society are immeasurable, making the Magic Johnson House an even more extraordinary property.

Accomplishments Recognition
5 NBA championships Named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history
3 NBA MVP awards Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
12 All-Star selections Recipient of NBA Lifetime Achievement Award
2 Olympic gold medals Member of the original Dream Team

Johnson’s achievements and contributions to basketball have earned him a place in history and cemented his status as a true legend of the game. His incredible skills, unmistakable charisma, and unwavering dedication to excellence still inspire young athletes around the world.

Magic Johnson’s Influence and Philanthropy

Magic Johnson is an exceptional athlete, entrepreneur, and philanthropist whose contributions to the world go beyond basketball. He is the founder of Magic Johnson Enterprises, a conglomerate with a diverse range of properties, including entertainment, food, and beverage enterprises. Magic Johnson Foundation is another demonstration of his commitment to philanthropy, which helps to provide essential services to underserved communities nationwide.

Commitment to Women’s Basketball

Besides his business and philanthropy ventures, Magic Johnson is also passionate about women’s basketball. As a co-owner of the WNBA team, the Los Angeles Sparks, he has consistently sought to promote and empower female athletes, helping them to reach their full potential.

Magic Johnson’s Enterprises Magic Johnson’s Foundation Los Angeles Sparks
– Entertainment properties
– Food and beverage enterprises
– Joint ventures and partnerships
– Advocacy for HIV/AIDS prevention and education
– Scholarships for underprivileged students
– Community health centers
– Co-owner of WNBA team
– Support for female athletes
– Promotion of women’s basketball

Magic Johnson’s impact extends far beyond the basketball court and into the businesses and communities he supports. As a role model and inspiration, he has changed the trajectory of countless lives, empowering individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

A Closer Look at the Property

The Magic Johnson House is a custom-built mansion spanning thousands of square feet. It boasts six spacious bedrooms, allowing for ample relaxation and privacy. The meticulous attention to detail and design in every aspect of the property exemplifies the luxury and sophistication synonymous with Johnson’s name.

From its stunning architecture to its top-of-the-line amenities, the Magic Johnson House radiates comfort and elegance. The interior of the home features a mix of classic and modern elements, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether it’s unwinding in the cozy family room or watching a movie in the state-of-the-art home theater, residents will be able to indulge in the ultimate in comfort and entertainment.

Property Specifications:
Square Feet: Undisclosed
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: Undisclosed
Architecture Style: Modern
Pool: Yes
Indoor Basketball Court: Yes

The property also features an indoor basketball court, offering plenty of room for Johnson to practice his skills and staying true to his love of the game. The Magic Johnson House is the perfect blend of luxury, history, and comfort, providing its residents a true lifestyle of affluent living.

Magic Johnson House in Beverly Hills

Located in one of the most affluent areas in the world, Beverly Hills, Magic Johnson House is a prime example of luxury real estate. It is highly sought after by affluent homeowners looking for the epitome of luxurious living, with its association with celebrities, exclusive address, and opulent desirability.

Beverly Hills is a legendary destination for many, a place where luxury meets exclusivity. With its streets lined with palm trees and mansions that exude elegance and style, it’s no wonder that Beverly Hills is a favorite of many high-end buyers. One of the most famous homeowners in the area is Magic Johnson, whose house stands out among others, not only due to its illustrious owner but also for its impeccable design and luxurious amenities.

The Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate Market

Beverly Hills is one of the most desired locations in the world. It is an area renowned for its high-end properties and exclusivity, attracting celebrities and high-profile individuals from all industries. Property values are typically high in Beverly Hills, with an average price of around $4 million for a single-family home. The luxury real estate market is growing at an impressive rate, with an ever-increasing demand for high-end properties that offer lavish lifestyles, security, and magnificent views.

Association with Celebrity Real Estate

Beverly Hills is known for its celebrity real estate, with a plethora of iconic properties owned by famous people across various industries. Magic Johnson House is one of the most prominent celebrity properties in the area, with its impressive layout, architectural styles, and exquisite amenities. Ownership of celebrity real estate comes with a sense of prestige and exclusivity, usually attracting high-end buyers who want to live the luxurious lifestyle experienced by some of the world’s most coveted celebrities.

Overview of Magic Johnson House

Size Location Number of Bedrooms Notable Features
Approx. 17,000 Sq. ft. Beverly Park 6 Indoor basketball court, outdoor entertaining area, gourmet kitchen, home gym, family room, home theater, and wine cellar.

Magic Johnson House is a modern, custom-built mansion located in Beverly Park, sitting on a 17,000 sq. ft. lot. It has six luxurious bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a host of notable features that make it stand out. One of the unique features of the property is the indoor basketball court, reflecting the illustrious career of its famous owner. It also has additional amenities such as a state-of-the-art home theater and a wine cellar.

The house boasts of remarkable design and meticulous attention to detail, with its spectacular outdoor entertaining area, a gourmet kitchen, and a home gym that perfectly blends comfort, style, and convenience. It is a prime example of how luxury should feel, look, and live.


The Magic Johnson House is a symbol of success and elegance, located in the prestigious Beverly Hills neighborhood. As the home of Lakers legend Magic Johnson, this residence showcases his achievements and legacy in the world of basketball and beyond.

The Magic Johnson House is not only an iconic residence but also a luxurious estate with unique features like an indoor basketball court, a spacious family room, and a state-of-the-art home theater. With six bedrooms and thousands of square feet, the custom-built mansion offers ample space and privacy, making it the epitome of luxurious living.

Beverly Hills is known for its flourishing luxury real estate market and association with celebrities, making the Magic Johnson House highly sought after by affluent homeowners. The property’s prime location, luxurious features, and association with a Lakers legend make it one of the most desirable homes in the area.

Overall, the Magic Johnson House stands as a testament to the success and legacy of Magic Johnson, representing the pinnacle of achievement and elegance in Beverly Hills. It is a remarkable place that both reflects the accomplished career of the Lakers legend and embodies the opulence and grandeur befitting a true icon.

Experience the magic of the Magic Johnson House in Beverly Hills, a true masterpiece in luxury real estate.


What is the Magic Johnson House?

The Magic Johnson House is the luxurious residence of basketball legend Magic Johnson, located in upscale Beverly Hills.

Where is the Magic Johnson House located?

The Magic Johnson House is situated in the prestigious neighborhood of Beverly Hills, California.

What is the significance of the Magic Johnson House?

The Magic Johnson House symbolizes the success and elegance of Lakers legend Magic Johnson, showcasing his illustrious career and accomplishments.

What amenities does the Magic Johnson House have?

The Magic Johnson House features luxurious amenities, including an indoor basketball court, a spacious family room, and a state-of-the-art home theater.

What is Magic Johnson’s legacy?

Magic Johnson is a five-time NBA champion, Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest basketball players in history.

What is Magic Johnson’s philanthropic work?

Magic Johnson is the founder of Magic Johnson Enterprises and the Magic Johnson Foundation, contributing to both business and philanthropy. He is also involved with the Los Angeles Sparks, supporting women’s basketball and female athletes.

Can you describe the Magic Johnson House?

The Magic Johnson House is a custom-built mansion in Beverly Hills with six bedrooms and meticulous design, representing luxury and sophistication.

How does the Magic Johnson House reflect the luxury real estate market in Beverly Hills?

The Magic Johnson House is part of Beverly Hills’ flourishing luxury real estate market and is highly sought after by affluent homeowners due to its exclusive address and association with celebrities.

What does the Magic Johnson House represent?

The Magic Johnson House represents the unparalleled success and legacy of Lakers legend Magic Johnson, epitomizing achievement and elegance in Beverly Hills.

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