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Inside Look: Mansion Donnie Swaggart House Details

by Michael Blount

Donnie Swaggart, son of the famous televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, is known for his prominent role in continuing his family’s legacy in the Pentecostal ministry. Aside from his spiritual responsibilities, Donnie Swaggart also oversees a lavish mansion in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that serves as a representation of the prosperity of his ministry. This magnificent estate provides key insights into the opulence and wealth surrounding Donnie Swaggart and his family.

Donnie Swaggart has been immersed in the world of evangelical Christian ministry from a very young age. As the only son of Jimmy Swaggart, Donnie was brought up in the environment of his father’s influential televangelism empire based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Donnie began preaching at age eight and took on significant leadership roles in the ministry by his late teens. He continues his father’s legacy today through the weekly Jimmy Swaggart Telecast, which is broadcast to over 100 countries worldwide.

Beyond his spiritual contributions, Donnie Swaggart’s high-end mansion in Baton Rouge offers a peek into his family’s prosperity. With its vast size, luxury features and comprehensive amenities, the estate is estimated to be worth over $3 million in today’s market. While Swaggart has faced some controversy regarding the financing of the home, it continues to serve as his primary residence as he carries on his ministerial work.

Donnie Swaggart: A Prominent Figure

Donnie Swaggart’s lifelong dedication to Pentecostal evangelism is closely tied to his family lineage. He was born in 1954 in Ferriday, Louisiana to Jimmy and Frances Swaggart as their only son. The Swaggarts were devout members of the Assemblies of God denomination and Jimmy Swaggart began his career as an itinerant preacher very early on.

In the late 1960s, Jimmy Swaggart launched his radio ministry which eventually expanded into television. By the mid 1980s, the Jimmy Swaggart Telecast was the most widely viewed religious program in the United States and across the world. This grew the ministry into a formidable empire which was bringing in nearly $150 million per year by the end of the decade.

The Swaggarts’ Prominence

The phenomenal success of Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry was largely due to his masterful blending of preaching, gospel music and Bible study. This captivating formula attracted a vast international following of loyal supporters from all walks of life. As a result, the Swaggart name became synonymous with Pentecostal televangelism during the peak years of its popularity.

Donnie Swaggart was immersed in this world from early childhood. He delivered his first sermon at age eight and preached his first revival meeting at twelve. By his late teens, Donnie was taking on major responsibilities for his father’s crusades and television ministry. He also established himself as a gifted preacher and musician in his own right.

Carrying on the Legacy

Donnie Swaggart’s path towards continuing the family legacy was briefly compromised in the late 1980s, when scandals caused the ministry’s earnings to take a major hit. However, he played a key role in rebuilding its influence through the 1990s and 2000s.

Today, Donnie Swaggart serves as president and CEO of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, with his son Gabriel also being involved. The weekly Jimmy Swaggart Telecast continues to share the Pentecostal message with people across the United States and in over 170 countries. Donnie Swaggart’s mansion serves as a commanding representation of this ministry’s prolonged prosperity.

The Magnificent Mansion

Donnie Swaggart’s palatial mansion is tucked away on 10 acres of land in the affluent community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With its vast size and luxurious features, this estate is estimated to be worth over $3 million on today’s real estate market. The house provides stunning views of the surrounding area and optimal privacy for the Swaggart family.

Location in Baton Rouge

The extravagant home is located in Southeast Baton Rouge, ensconced within the gated community of Westminster. This exclusive suburban area is known for its large residential properties, golf courses and proximity to popular attractions such as Perkins Rowe and the Mall of Louisiana.

Donnie Swaggart’s mansion is specifically situated on Babcock Drive, nestled deep within the Westminster neighborhood. The estate’s 10-acre area ensures total privacy from the main road. The property also backs up to the scenic Bayou Fountain, adding to its tranquil and secluded ambience.

Mansion Specifications

Built in 1987, Donnie Swaggart’s sprawling mansion encompasses around 10,000 square feet of living space. It contains numerous bedrooms and bathrooms along with expansive common areas. The layout includes:

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 8 bathrooms
  • 4 living areas
  • Dining room with wet bar
  • Spacious kitchen
  • Music room
  • Home office
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • 4-car garage

The home showcases architecture that is reminiscent of Southern antebellum style. This is evidenced by the stately white columns lining the front exterior, the extensive porches and the charming garden gazebo on the property.

Outdoor Amenities

Beyond its interior opulence, the mansion is surrounded by 10 acres of professionally landscaped grounds. These include:

  • Ornate gardens with fountains
  • Large circular driveway
  • Cabana area and tiki huts by the pool
  • Balcony accessed from the master bedroom
  • Paved pathways meandering through live oaks
  • Secluded pond

The sprawling outdoor space provides ample room for relaxation, recreation and entertaining guests. The balcony, gardens and pool area offer serene spots to enjoy the mansion’s peaceful ambience.

Opulence and Features

The interior of Donnie Swaggart’s mansion exemplifies luxury and extravagance. The estate contains numerous features that showcase high-end details and design elements throughout its 10,000 square feet of living space.

Gated Entry and Security

The very approach to the mansion establishes its level of privacy and security. Visitors are greeted by a gated entry with an intercom system. Surveillance cameras monitor the long driveway leading past beautifully landscaped gardens. This controlled access underscores the exclusiveness permeating the estate.

Marble and Ornate Woodwork

Inside, striking marble floors flow throughout the expansive formal living room and into the foyer with its sweeping dual staircase. Intricate crown molding and ornately carved hardwood trim adorn nearly every room. The woodwork incorporates unique touches like fluted columns, carved garlands, plaque medallions and acanthus leaf flourishes.

Luxury Pool and Spa

The mansion’s grandest feature is undoubtedly the indoor swimming pool and spa room. This aquatic centerpiece includes colourful ceramic tile designs covering the pool surface. The high domed ceiling creates a bright, airy ambience surrounding the water features. Nearby spa facilities provide amenities like a sauna, massage room and lounge areas.

Sophisticated Home Theatre

For entertainment, the Swaggart mansion boasts a professional 12-seat home theater with a massive viewing screen. Luxury leather recliners and customized surround sound provide an opulent viewing experience. This high-tech room has cherry wood paneled walls, dimmable lighting and movie theater-style carpeting.

Elevators and Safe Room

Even the more functional aspects of the home reflect its over-the-top nature. There are three elevators installed to travel between its four levels. An underground safe room was built using concrete and steel for maximum security. No expense was spared to incorporate state-of-the-art features and the highest quality materials.

The Swaggart Family and the Mansion

Donnie Swaggart resides in the extravagant Westminster mansion alongside his wife Debbie and their son Gabriel. The palatial estate has been the main Swaggart family home for over 30 years and continues to play a significant role. Beyond housing, it serves as a social center for entertaining ministry donors and hosting charitable events.

Family Life Within the Mansion

Donnie Swaggart and Debbie were married in the mid-1970s and have three children together. Their youngest, Gabriel, continues to live with his parents in the Westminster mansion along with his wife and children. The immense property provides ample room for the family to hostGatherings in the mansion’s grand ballroom or open-air cabana. The indoor pool and home theatre offer recreational spaces right inside the home.

Entertaining Ministry Supporters

Over the years, the Swaggarts have held numerous social functions at the estate to cultivate relationships with their most prominent ministry supporters. Donnie Swaggart even had a cable TV studio built on the mansion’s third floor where he could record Bible study programs to air on the ministry’s telecast.

The privacy and security measures allow the Swaggarts to control access to their home. This provides them a comfortable environment to socialize with wealthy donors who help sustain the ministry’s worldwide evangelistic efforts.

Continuing the Swaggart Legacy Within the Family

The lavish Baton Rouge estate continues to be the crown jewel residence for the Swaggart family as Donnie Swaggart carries on his father’s ministry legacy. His son Gabriel now represents the family’s third generation to be involved.

Donnie Swaggart grew up within the confines of this palatial home as the ministry expanded during the 1980s. Now Gabriel Swaggart is raising his own children there, the fourth generation of Swaggarts to inhabit the estate.

The Westminster mansion remains a symbolic testament to the prosperity of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Its grandeur and luxury stand as reminders of the ministry’s reach across the globe.

For the Swaggarts, this estate represents the sacrifices made by generations to spread their Pentecostal message worldwide. Its opulence reflects the extent of their success in building the family’s evangelistic empire over more than fifty years of ministry involvement.

Controversies and Acquisitions

While Donnie Swaggart’s lavish mansion may seem like a well-deserved luxury for his family, it has been a subject of significant controversy over the years. The acquisition and maintenance of this multi-million dollar estate have faced heavy scrutiny from critics of the ministry.

Purchasing the Mansion

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries originally bought the 10-acre property and custom-built the extravagant home in 1987. The $3 million price tag was paid in full by the ministry itself, with no outside financing. This was during the peak of the telecast’s popularity and receipt of viewer donations. However, it raised concerns about excessive spending from donated funds.

Ongoing Ownership Debate

Critics have also questioned whether it is ethical for Donnie Swaggart to reside in a lavish home owned by the church and its donors. While he claims a rental agreement with the ministry, there is suspicion that this arrangement vastly undervalues the property.

Some argue that living rent-free in a mansion essentially amounts to misuse of tax-exempt donations intended for spiritual work. The optics of televangelists in manor homes has contributed to public distrust of these prominent ministries.

Perceived Excess and Privilege

Additionally, many view the estate as contradicting Christian principles of modesty and humility. Televangelists railing against greed and excess from a 10,000 square-foot palace appears hypocritical to critics. They argue that the funds could be better utilized to help those in need.

Of course, defenders claim the mansion’s grandeur is reasonable compensation for the Swaggarts’ invaluable spiritual leadership. However, the disparity between ministry executives and average donors remains a troubling issue for many observers.


Donnie Swaggart’s stately mansion provides an illuminating glimpse into the affluent lifestyle enjoyed by his family as leaders within the Pentecostal televangelism community. The Westminster estate stands as a representation of the immense success and global reach achieved by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries over its more than 50-year history.

However, this luxury and opulence has certainly not been free from controversy. The acquisition of Donnie Swaggart’s mansion, along with its ongoing ownership, points to potential excess and ethical issues that continue to plague televangelist ministries.

Nonetheless, the Baton Rouge estate remains the primary residence for Donnie Swaggart as he upholds his family’s evangelistic work and legacy. The home’s grandeur offers insights into the prosperity his ministry has attained through decades of expanding its influence across television viewers in America and beyond. For the Swaggarts, this magnificent mansion is a crown jewel as they approach the fourth generation involved in spreading their Pentecostal message worldwide.

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