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Parker Schnabel Home: Peek Into the Gold Miner’s Abode

by Michael Blount

Parker Schnabel may be best known for his starring role on Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush, but what about the gold miner’s home life away from the camera? In recent years, Schnabel has become one of the most successful and well-known miners in the industry. His accomplishments and dedication to gold mining have earned him fame and fortune well beyond his years.

But when he’s not out excavating gold in the wilderness, where does Schnabel lay his head? Read on for an exclusive look inside Parker Schnabel’s off-camera abode.

At just 25 years old, Parker Schnabel has achieved more in the gold mining business than some do in a lifetime. Since taking over his grandfather John Schnabel’s Big Nugget mine operation in Porcupine Creek, Alaska as a teenager, Schnabel has raked in over $13 million in gold, rapidly establishing himself as one of the most successful miners in the world.

His meteoric rise to fame in recent years has led to his status as a celebrity and a starring role on Discovery Channel’s hit reality show Gold Rush. But while audiences have gotten a glimpse into Parker Schnabel’s life on the show, much about his personal world off-camera remains a mystery.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the gold miner’s residence and living space beyond the dig sites and mining operations featured on the show. Just where does the famous Alaskan gold miner call home when he’s not out striking it rich in the wilderness? Read on to go inside Parker Schnabel’s place and get an exclusive peek into the gold miner’s abode.

The Gold Miner Background

Before exploring Parker Schnabel’s current off-screen home, it’s worth understanding a bit about his background and road to success in the mining industry.

Born in 1994 in Haines, Alaska, Parker was introduced to gold mining at a remarkably young age by his grandfather, legendary miner John Schnabel. He developed a knack for operating heavy machinery and digging for gold. At the unprecedented age of 16, with his grandfather’s health in decline, Parker took over the family mining operation Big Nugget.

In this new role as boss and lead miner, Parker proved his remarkable skill and intuition for finding gold. Within just a couple seasons, he had raked in an astounding 5,000 ounces in gold, over $6 million in revenue, and set a record for the largest gold haul by a small mining operation in the Klondike region.

Parker’s success only continued to skyrocket as he expanded his mining projects and gold hauls in subsequent years. Some key accomplishments and milestones include:

  • At age 18, mined over 3,500 ounces of gold worth $3.7 million – His most lucrative season at the time
  • By age 23, mined over $13 million in gold with the Todd Hoffman crew – Outpaced the Dakota Boys in gold hauls
  • Became known as the “Gold Rush Golden Boy” – Earned fame and stardom for his mining skills
  • Authored the book Gold Rush: Gold Mining in Alaska: How to Find Our Fortune – Shared his valuable mining knowledge

Parker Schnabel’s unprecedented accomplishments and rising celebrity status in the world of gold mining make his lifestyle and home outside of work a fascinating topic for fans.

Parker Schnabel Home: An Overview

When Parker Schnabel isn’t traveling between mining sites or filming out on digs, he resides primarily in two main locations – his hometown of Haines, Alaska and Denver, Colorado.

Between his mining operation headquarters based in Haines and his newfound fame on Gold Rush, Schnabel splits time between these two homes depending on his work schedule and filming obligations.

Let’s explore Parker Schnabel’s two primary residences to understand the gold miner’s living situations when off the job.

Haines, Alaska

Located along the breathtaking Lynn Canal in Southeast Alaska, the small town of Haines is Parker Schnabel’s hometown where he spent his childhood.

Even after expanding his mining projects outside Haines and achieving celebrity status, Schnabel still maintains a home base there. It’s where he and his family have resided for generations.

Beyond its personal significance, Haines offers Parker the perfect home location due to its proximity to his mining claims in Porcupine Creek. He can easily travel back and forth between his home and the sites where his mining operations are based nearby.

When in Haines during the off-season, Parker enjoys spending time with his family and taking advantage of the area’s majestic scenery and abundance of outdoor recreation like fishing, hiking, and more.

Denver, Colorado

In recent years as his fame and time commitments outside Alaska grew, Parker Schnabel established a second home in Denver, Colorado.

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver offers Parker loads of amenities, entertainment, and convenience when he needs to travel for appearances, meetings, or filming projects.

His Denver digs help Schnabel balance his celebrity status and career obligations outside Alaska with his roots back home in Haines where he mines.

Between these two comfortable residences in Haines and Denver, Parker Schnabel is able to split his time enjoying the tranquility of Alaska and the opportunities of the lower 48 states.

Next, let’s explore the standout features and decor of Parker’s homes.

Interior Design and Decor

While Parker Schnabel’s homes in Alaska and Colorado both reflect his personality, values, and interests, they contain different interior design aesthetics.

Haines Home Decor

Parker’s residential home in Haines where he spent much of his childhood exudes a more traditional, rustic, and minimalist style.

As seen on episodes of Gold Rush, key decor elements include:

  • Rich wood finishing and log details on walls and ceilings – Reflects the wooded Alaskan setting
  • Antler chandeliers and wall hangings – Nods to Schnabel’s love of hunting
  • Vintage furniture and family heirlooms – Highlights his family history and roots in the home
  • Large stone fireplace – Perfect for Haines’ cold winter nights
  • Mounted wildlife like caribou and moose heads – Trophies from Parker’s Alaskan big game hunts

The décor carries an overriding theme of showcasing Parker’s Alaskan lifestyle and family ties to the home.

Denver Home Style

When it comes to his Denver bachelor pad, Parker opts for a more modern, eclectic, and luxurious flair.

Notable interior design elements include:

  • Sleek leather and steel furnishings – Trendy urban style
  • Smart home technology – Tech-savvy conveniences
  • Luxury kitchen with stainless steel appliances – For his enjoyment of cooking
  • Game room with pool table – Fun recreation and hangout space when relaxing at home
  • Home gym – Where Parker trains and conditions for harsh mining conditions
  • Gold rush era artifacts and mining equipment – Nods to his profession

Parker’s Denver abode reflects his youthful personality and success with a stylish, sleek, and contemporary design aesthetic. The home is optimized for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the perks of his career achievements when away from the mines.

Outdoor Spaces

In addition to their standout interiors, Parker Schnabel’s homes also boast impressive outdoor living areas to enjoy.

Alaskan Scenery

Given its location nestled amongst breathtaking Alaskan wilderness and mountain landscapes, Parker’s Haines home is designed to maximize the surrounding scenic views.

  • Large wrap-around deck and porch areas provide the perfect vantage points for taking in the vistas
  • Floor to ceiling windows flood the interior with natural light and visibility of the surroundings
  • The spacious front and backyards seamlessly blend in with the peacefulness of untamed Alaskan forests and terrain

When home in Alaska, Parker spends ample time embracing the natural beauty right outside his front door through outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Colorado Amenities

Parker’s Colorado residence includes additional indulgences and amenities for enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.

Some highlights include:

  • Landscaped patio area with firepit, grill, and seating – For relaxing and entertaining
  • Hot tub spa – Ideal for unwinding after long days on set or the mines
  • Three car detached garage – Houses his luxury vehicles, snowmobiles, and ATV toys
  • Basketball court – Allows Parker to practice one of his favorite hobbies

The large yard and outdoor recreational spaces let Schnabel fully embrace the Colorado lifestyle when home between mining and filming obligations.

Personal Touches and Mementos

Beyond just the physical spaces, the décor and details of Parker Schnabel’s homes also offer glimpses into his personality and interests when the cameras are off.

Throughout his residences in Alaska and Colorado, various personal touches embody Parker’s private passions, relationships, and history.

Family Photos

Both homes prominently display framed photos of Parker throughout the years with his beloved grandpa John, who first nurtured his interest in gold mining. The special bond between grandfather and grandson is commemorated and remembered through images of them working together at Big Nugget mine and celebrating Parker’s early gold hauls.

Other treasured family photos on display include Parker as a young boy fishing and hunting with his father, who first introduced him to these lifelong hobbies. Schnabel’s mother and sister are also fixtures in sentimental frames chronicling his growth from humble Alaskan origins into an internationally recognized celebrity gold miner.

These numerous meaningful family photos scattered throughout both residences reflect Parker’s close-knit roots and the loved ones who put him on the path to success from a very young age. They exemplify his values of faith, hard work, and community.

Mining Memorabilia

Paying homage to his renowned career is Parker’s collection of beloved mining memorabilia found throughout his homes. These special relics reflect his passion for gold mining and commemorate his record-breaking achievements over the years.

Some of the notable collector’s items on display include:

  • Framed vials of gold from every season’s haul – Mark major milestones
  • Custom painted portraits and artwork depicting his operations – Created by talented local Alaskan artists
  • Autographed mining tools used at Big Nugget and Scribner Creek – Instruments of his biggest excavations
  • Original miner’s lamp from his grandfather’s digs – Cherished heirloom
  • Souvenirs from worldwide travels to mines around the globe – Australia, South America, Africa

This treasured mining memorabilia collection follows Parker from Alaska to Colorado, keeping his love for the profession and record of success always surrounding him. Any visitor to his homes can clearly see that gold mining runs profoundly in Parker Schnabel’s blood.

Hobbies and Interests

When not focused on mining, Parker Schnabel’s down time in his residences also spotlights his varied personal hobbies and interests. The décor and collectibles further reflect the gold miner’s multidimensional personality off-camera.

Some of his other passions evidenced in both homes include:

  • Custom designed Alaskan king crab fishing boat decor – Tribute to his crabbing side business venture
  • Top of the line cooking and grilling accessories – For Schnabel’s love of cuisine
  • Pool table, karaoke system, gaming consoles – Fun entertainment for Parker and friends
  • Extensive library of books – Collection revealing his thirst for knowledge

Even during his scarce downtime between mining seasons, Parker Schnabel clearly prioritizes continuing to learn, enjoy life, and constantly take on new challenges – a work hard, play hard philosophy. His living spaces certainly echo this lively ethos.

Exclusive Insights From Loved Ones

To complete the picture of the real Parker Schnabel at home, Gold Rush superfans would love more exclusive accounts of his lifestyle away from filming.

While Parker values his privacy, a few of those closest to him provided PEOPLE rare glimpses into the star’s life beyond the dig sites.

Longtime girlfriend Ashley Youle revealed that Parker is very much the same person on-camera as he is in private – driven, humble, and eternally curious.

“He’s always got a puzzle or building something complex,” she told PEOPLE. “Even during the short off-season, he’s prepping for the next mining project – reading, planning, tinkering and testing out new equipment designs.”

Parker’s mother Nancy Schnabel noted how her son unwinds at home in Alaska by enjoying the little things – snowmobiling, cooking, relaxing fireside with their family dogs.

“He’ll still just curl up with a good book and read for hours,” Nancy recalled. “Parker has always been an old soul, even as a little kid.”

Parker’s younger sister Payson also reminisced about her brother’s playful side around family, joking about his over-the-top screams watching football and how he attempts to rap.

These intimate accounts from Parker’s inner circle reveal that while supremely driven at his profession, he maintains his youthful energy, humility, and connection to simple pleasures when at home.


Parker Schnabel’s meteoric rise as one of the most successful gold miners has made his lifestyle and home away from the digs a fascinating area of interest for fans across the globe.

By exploring his main residences in Denver and his native Haines, Alaska, examining their décor, interior design, outdoor amenities, and most telling personal details, the curtain is pulled back on Parker’s living spaces beyond the camera.

While strongly reflecting his Alaskan roots, family bonds, gold mining achievements, and varied personal passions, Parker’s homes ultimately reveal no drastic separation between his televised persona and private abode.

Parker Schnabel remains focused, humble, and authentic – the very same spirited boy first mentored by his beloved grandpa at Big Nugget Mine. The riches of gold may have followed, but Schnabel’s connection to his origins and identity is evidenced right in the comforts of his own homes.

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