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Phoebe Bridgers House: Inside the Indie Star’s Home

by Michael Blount

Phoebe Bridgers is a rising star in the indie music scene, known for her soulful lyrics, haunting melodies, and intimate performances. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Phoebe has carved a niche for herself with her unique sound and style, drawing inspiration from legends like Elliott Smith and Conor Oberst. In this article, we’ll take you on a tour of the singer-songwriter’s home, giving you an exclusive peek into her living space and lifestyle. From her stunning Calabasas house to her beloved pet pug, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Phoebe Bridgers’ life and career.

Key Takeaways

  • Phoebe Bridgers is an indie music sensation known for her soulful lyrics and haunting melodies.
  • She was raised in Los Angeles and draws inspiration from legends like Elliott Smith and Conor Oberst.
  • This article will take you inside her home and provide insights into her lifestyle and career.
  • You’ll discover everything from her stunning Calabasas house to her beloved pet pug.
  • Phoebe Bridgers is a rising star in the indie music scene, and this article will give you a glimpse into her unique sound and style.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Calabasas House

Enter the chic and cozy abode of songbird Phoebe Bridgers, nestled in the hills of Calabasas, California. The abode boasts a chic aesthetic with a minimalist touch, complete with elegant wooden doors and a sprawling outdoor oasis.

Bridgers’ house is an excellent example of modern, comfortable living with its stylish open-plan living room, state-of-the-art kitchen, and spacious dining area. The interior features a relaxed and understated vibe, accentuated by the unique decor, vintage furniture, and a vast book collection.

The house’s highlights include a state-of-the-art recording studio, where Bridgers works on her musical magic, and a relaxing outdoor space, complete with a sparking swimming pool and alfresco dining area. So join us on a virtual tour of the musician’s house, where we’ll showcase the most luxurious and comfortable living spaces of Phoebe Bridgers’ Calabasas house.

Phoebe Bridgers: The House That Heaven Built

One of Phoebe Bridgers’ most beloved songs, “The House That Heaven Built,” is an emotional tribute to a childhood home that no longer exists. The song was inspired by Bridgers’ personal experiences with loss and nostalgia, which she explores in her music with raw vulnerability and honesty.

Through her haunting lyrics and haunting voice, Bridgers captures the essence of a past that still holds great meaning to her, and many of her fans. The song has become an anthem for those who have experienced loss and are looking for a way to cope with their feelings and memories.

Bridgers’ unique style and poetic vision have propelled her to fame in the indie music scene, and “The House That Heaven Built” is a powerful example of the impact her music has had on listeners.

By delving into her deepest emotions and sharing them with the world, Phoebe Bridgers has become a true artist, a master at capturing the complexity of the human experience through her unique blend of introspective lyrics and haunting melodies.

Phoebe Bridgers’ White House Connection

Did you know that Phoebe Bridgers has a connection to the White House? In November of 2020, Bridgers made headlines when she performed her hit song “Kyoto” on Saturday Night Live, which included a prop guitar smashing at the end of the song. Later that day, she received a tweet from none other than former President Barack Obama, who praised her performance and humorously offered to pay for the guitar.

This wasn’t the first time Bridgers was involved in political activism; earlier that year, she released a protest song called “I See You” in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests and police brutality. She has also been a vocal critic of the Trump administration and supported various campaigns and charities that align with her political beliefs.

Despite her political involvement, Bridgers remains grounded and dedicated to using her music to effect change and connect with her fans. Her White House connection is just one example of how her unique voice and talent have made an impact beyond the indie music scene.

Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal: Music Meets Romance

Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal have been the talk of the town since they were spotted hanging out together in Dublin. Mescal, known for his breakout role in the hit series “Normal People,” and Bridgers, an indie music sensation, struck up a relationship after meeting through social media.

But their connection goes beyond just romance. The two have also collaborated musically, with Mescal featuring in Bridgers’ music video for “Savior Complex.” Bridgers also made an appearance in Mescal’s music video for the song “Deidre’s Hollywood.”

The couple has been spotted together at various events, including the 2021 BRIT Awards and the Cannes Film Festival. Fans are eagerly watching to see what these two talented artists will create together in the future.

As for their relationship, Bridgers has referred to Mescal as her “boyfriend” in interviews, and the two have shared adorable moments on social media, with Bridgers even bringing her pet pug along for a visit to Mescal’s hometown in Ireland.

It’s clear that these two are not just a musical power couple, but also a budding romance that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Rise to Stardom

Phoebe Bridgers started her journey as an aspiring singer-songwriter in Los Angeles, California. She started performing at local cafes and gained recognition for her unique sound, which combined haunting vocals with playful melodies.

In 2015, Bridgers signed with Ryan Adams’ indie label, Pax-Am Records, and released her debut single, “Killer,” which gained widespread critical acclaim. She later collaborated with iconic indie band Bright Eyes on their album, “Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was,” and has cited Elliott Smith as a major influence on her music.

With her poetic and introspective lyrics, Bridgers has been praised for her ability to capture the emotional complexities of life. Her debut album, “Stranger in the Alps,” released in 2017, cemented her status as a rising indie star.

In 2020, Bridgers released her highly anticipated album, “Punisher,” which received critical acclaim and landed her on the cover of Rolling Stone. Known for her haunting vocal style and poetic lyricism, Bridgers continues to captivate audiences with her introspective and emotional music.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Hometown and Irish Connection

Phoebe Bridgers has a strong connection to Ireland, specifically West Cork, which has become a favorite destination for the indie star. She has spent time in towns like Ballydehob and Schull, enjoying the scenic views and local culture.

In addition to her love for the area, Bridgers has formed a friendship with Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, with whom she shares a passion for music and the arts.

It’s clear that Ireland holds a special place in Bridgers’ heart, and her experiences there have undoubtedly influenced her music and creative spirit.

Phoebe Bridgers and the Pandemic

The pandemic had a significant impact on Phoebe Bridgers’ career and plans for live performances, just like it did for many musicians. The cancellation of festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, the postponement of concerts, and the shift towards virtual events all affected her creative process as an artist.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Bridgers opened up about how the pandemic affected her latest album, Punisher. She revealed that the lockdown gave her more time to focus on production and songwriting, but it also made her miss the energy of live shows.

Bridgers also adapted to the new normal by participating in online performances and virtual tours, including her “World Tour From Hell” live stream. She found new ways to connect with fans and share her music despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Phoebe Bridgers: Buying a Home

Phoebe Bridgers, the talented indie music sensation, recently went through the process of buying her own home. As someone who values having a private sanctuary, she took time to carefully consider her preferences and requirements before making a decision.

While the process can be daunting, Bridgers stayed focused on finding the perfect place that fit her lifestyle and needs. Along the way, she had to consider factors such as location, neighborhood, and the specific layout of the house. Ultimately, she found a home that speaks to her unique style and personality.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned pro, Bridgers’ experience provides valuable insights into the journey of buying a house. It’s a significant investment that requires careful attention and consideration, but with the right support and mindset, it can be a fulfilling experience that leads to a beautiful home.

Phoebe Bridgers and Her Adorable Pug

Aside from her music career, Phoebe Bridgers is also a loving pet owner. She has a black pug named Maxine who often steals the spotlight on her social media pages. Maxine is an adorable pet pug who has won the hearts of Phoebe’s fans with her playful and sweet antics. She enjoys playing fetch and cuddling with Phoebe, and the two share many heartwarming moments together. In interviews, Phoebe has mentioned how Maxine brings joy into her life and helps her stay grounded in the midst of her busy schedule. One look at Phoebe’s Instagram photos of Maxine, and it’s easy to see why the little black pug has become an internet sensation.

Phoebe Bridgers: Looking Ahead

In 2021, Phoebe Bridgers is set to continue making waves in the music industry. She recently made headlines for her appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone and is expected to release new music soon.

In addition, there are rumors circulating about a possible adaptation of Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends, for which Bridgers is reportedly writing the soundtrack. While there is no official confirmation yet, fans of both the book and the artist are eagerly awaiting any news.

Collaborations also seem to be in the cards for Bridgers, as she has hinted at working with other musicians on new projects. With her dedication to her craft and unique voice, it’s sure to be another exciting year for this rising indie star.


Phoebe Bridgers has carved out a unique place for herself in the indie music scene, winning over fans with her raw lyrics, haunting vocals, and signature style. From her stunning Calabasas home to her Irish roots, we’ve explored the various facets of her personality, creativity, and experiences.

As she continues to make waves in the music industry, we eagerly anticipate her future projects and collaborations, including her rumored involvement with the adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel “Conversations with Friends.” Her recent feature on Rolling Stone magazine and the success of her latest album “Punisher” are a testament to her growing influence and impact.

Whether she’s singing about heartbreak, loss, or political activism, Phoebe Bridgers brings a refreshing honesty and vulnerability to her music. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist and her adorable pug.


Can I take a tour of Phoebe Bridgers’ house?

As Phoebe Bridgers is a private individual, there are no public tours of her house available at this time.

Where is Phoebe Bridgers’ house located?

Phoebe Bridgers’ house is located in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, California.

Did Phoebe Bridgers write a song about her house?

Yes, Phoebe Bridgers wrote a song called “The House That Heaven Built” that is inspired by her own experiences and journey as an artist.

Is Phoebe Bridgers connected to the White House?

While Phoebe Bridgers has been involved in political activism, there is no direct connection between her and the White House.

Who is Paul Mescal, and how is he related to Phoebe Bridgers?

Paul Mescal is an Irish actor known for his role in the TV series “Normal People.” He has collaborated with Phoebe Bridgers on music projects, and they are also romantically involved.

What label is Phoebe Bridgers signed to?

Phoebe Bridgers is currently signed to Dead Oceans, an indie record label.

Did Phoebe Bridgers grow up in Ireland?

No, Phoebe Bridgers did not grow up in Ireland. However, she has a connection to West Cork and has spent time in towns like Ballydehob and Schull.

How did the pandemic affect Phoebe Bridgers’ career?

The pandemic led to the cancellation of live performances and festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury, impacting Phoebe Bridgers’ plans and necessitating adaptions to the new normal.

Has Phoebe Bridgers bought a house?

Yes, Phoebe Bridgers has bought her own home. However, specific details about the location and the buying process have not been disclosed.

Does Phoebe Bridgers have a pet?

Yes, Phoebe Bridgers has an adorable pet pug.

What can we expect from Phoebe Bridgers in the future?

Phoebe Bridgers has plans for new music releases, possible collaborations, and future projects. Rumors regarding an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s work have also been circulating.

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