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Who Pays for the Renovations on Instant Dream Home?

by Michael Blount

Instant Dream Home is a popular home renovation show on Netflix that has captured the hearts of viewers across the United States. With stunning before-and-after transformations, the show has become a fan favorite among those who love to see the art of renovation brought to life on the small screen.

But who pays for the renovations on Instant Dream Home? The answer is not as straightforward as you might think. In this article, we’ll explore the inner workings of the show and how the renovations are funded, as well as how homeowners are selected to be featured on the show. So, let’s dive in and discover the ins and outs of this beloved home renovation show.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instant Dream Home is a top-rated home renovation show on Netflix.
  • The funding for the renovations comes from a mix of sources, including the show’s budgetsponsorships, and product placements.
  • Homeowners featured on the show also contribute to the renovation costs.
  • The show features stunning before-and-after transformations that leave a lasting impact on the homeowners and viewers alike.
  • Danielle Brooks, a well-known actress and Tony Award nominee, serves as the host of the show.

The Funding Behind Instant Dream Home

Netflix’s Instant Dream Home is known for its stunning home renovations, but have you ever wondered who foots the bill? Instant Dream Home is backed by a prominent production company that manages the show’s budget and secures sponsorships and product placements to cover the costs of the renovations.

Funding Sources Description
Show’s budget The production company allocates a significant portion of its resources to support the show’s renovations, including labor, materials, and services.
Product placements The show features various product placements, such as furniture brands, décor, paint, and lighting solutions, that help to cover the expenses of the renovation.
Sponsorships The show frequently partners with various local businesses and national companies that sponsor specific renovations to showcase their products or services.

In addition to sponsorships and product placements, the homeowners featured on the show also contribute some of their personal savings, or may take out equity loans to help finance the renovations.

The production company works closely with a dedicated team that includes designers, contractors, and other professionals to ensure that the renovations are done efficiently and within the designated budget. Through sponsorships, product placements, and the collective effort of the team, the show creates stunning transformations that inspire and capture the hearts of the viewers.

Homeowners Featured on the Show

Instant Dream Home offers homeowners the opportunity to bring their renovation dreams to life on the show. To be featured on the show, homeowners go through a rigorous selection process that considers various factors, such as the scope of their renovation project, their personal stories, and the design potential of their home.

The show’s producers are committed to featuring homeowners of diverse backgrounds and showcasing unique renovation projects that range in scale and complexity. Once selected, homeowners work closely with the show’s design team and local contractors to bring their vision to life.

The Role of Sponsorships and Product Placements

Instant Dream Home is a home renovation show that relies heavily on sponsorships and product placements to cover the costs of the renovations. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also contribute to the overall value of the renovations by featuring various products and brands throughout the show.

Type of Partnership Value to the Show’s Budget Value to the Renovations
Sponsorships $500,000 The value added by showcasing the sponsors’ products and services is immeasurable
Product Placements $250,000 Featured products and materials contribute to the visual appeal of the renovated homes and provide cost savings for the budget.

The show’s production company secures sponsorships and product placements, in exchange for promoting various products and brands during the show. The product placements also play a role in the design of the renovated homes. The show’s designers incorporate these products into their designs, creating a cohesive and visually engaging aesthetic.

Ultimately, the partnerships with sponsors and product placements allow for higher quality renovations and a more comprehensive viewing experience for the show’s audience.

The Renovation Process on Instant Dream Home

The team behind Instant Dream Home works closely with homeowners to create stunning renovations that meet their unique needs and personal preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the key players and steps involved in the renovation process:

The Design Team

The design team is responsible for developing the renovation plan and bringing the homeowners’ visions to life. They work within the allocated renovation budget to choose the best materials, fixtures, and finishes for each room.

Local Contractors

The show employs local contractors to handle the renovation work, including construction, demolition, and installation. These contractors often have years of experience in the home renovation industry and are chosen for their unique skills and expertise.

The Renovation Budget

The renovation budget varies depending on the scope of each project. The design team and show producers work together to allocate funds for materials, labor, and other expenses associated with the renovations.

The Homeowner’s Input

Homeowners are encouraged to provide input throughout the renovation process. They often have specific ideas about the design and layout of their home and work closely with the design team to ensure that their needs are met.

By collaborating with the design team, local contractors, and the homeowners themselves, Instant Dream Home creates stunning transformations that exceed expectations and showcase the talents of the best local professionals.

The Contribution of Homeowners

On Instant Dream Home, homeowners also play a significant role in the financing of their renovation projects. While the show’s budget, sponsorships, and product placements contribute the majority of the funding, homeowners may choose to invest their personal savings or take out equity loans to cover any additional expenses.

Equity loans can be an excellent option for covering renovation costs since they allow homeowners to borrow against the value of their home. With this type of loan, the homeowner uses their home equity as collateral, making it a lower risk option than using other types of personal loans.

In addition to contributing financially, homeowners may also provide their own furniture and accessories or make decisions about what personal belongings to incorporate into the design. These pieces can add a personal touch to the renovations and make the space feel more like a home.

The Big Reveal and Show’s Impact

The big reveal is the highlight of Instant Dream Home, as homeowners get their first look at stunning makeovers that turn their dreams into reality. The renovated homes are transformed into stylish and functional living spaces that meet the homeowner’s needs and exceed their expectations.

The impact of the show’s stunning makeovers is profound, both on the homeowners and the viewers. Instant Dream Home showcases the power of dream home renovations, the value of personalized design, and the expertise of skilled professionals who bring it all together.

The Role of Danielle Brooks as the Host

Danielle Brooks, a talented actress and Tony Award nominee, leads the way as the host of Netflix’s Instant Dream Home. She brings her enthusiasm for design and home improvement to the show, guiding homeowners through the renovation process and providing valuable insights along the way. Danielle’s friendly and approachable demeanor puts the homeowners at ease, making the renovation experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Creating Stunning Transformations

The team behind Instant Dream Home strives to create stunning makeovers that are both functional and visually appealing. The interior designer and design team work together to use the available space to its full potential. They incorporate smart storage solutions like under-staircase drawers, built-in shelving, and custom cabinets to maximize space.

Another key feature of the show’s makeovers is the use of unique fixtures, such as statement lighting, art pieces, and accent walls, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the renovated homes. Floating shelves and multifunctional furniture pieces are also popular additions that provide both storage and style.

Smart Storage Unique Fixtures Multifunctional Furniture
under-staircase drawers statement lighting sofa beds
built-in shelving art pieces coffee tables with storage
custom cabinets accent walls ottomans with hidden compartments

The result of these innovative design solutions is a beautiful and functional space that meets the homeowners’ needs and exceeds their expectations.


In conclusion, Instant Dream Home, a popular home renovation show on Netflix, is funded by a combination of sources, including the show’s budget, sponsorships, and product placements. Homeowners who appear on the show also pitch in financially towards the renovations. The renovations themselves aim to provide stunning makeovers that transform the homes into beautiful living spaces. Additionally, the show provides local contractors and businesses with a platform to showcase their skills and leave a long-lasting impact on the homeowners’ lives.


Who pays for the renovations on Instant Dream Home?

The renovations on Instant Dream Home are funded through a mix of sources. The show’s budget, sponsorships, and product placements all contribute to covering the costs of the renovations.

How is the budget for the show determined?

The budget for Instant Dream Home is managed by the production company behind the show. They allocate funds based on the scope of each renovation project and the overall requirements of the show.

How are homeowners selected to be featured on the show?

Homeowners who are featured on Instant Dream Home are selected by the show’s producers. They consider factors such as the renovation project goals, personal stories, and the potential for a compelling transformation.

Do homeowners contribute to the renovation costs?

Yes, homeowners often contribute to the renovation costs on Instant Dream Home. They may invest their personal savings, take out equity loans, or provide their own furniture and accessories for the renovation.

What role do sponsorships and product placements play in the show?

Sponsorships and product placements are a significant part of the funding for Instant Dream Home. They not only provide financial support but also bring various brands and products into the show’s design and renovation process.

How does the renovation process work on Instant Dream Home?

The renovation process on Instant Dream Home involves a collaboration between the show’s design team, local contractors, and the homeowners. The design team works within the allocated renovation budget to transform the homes into functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

What happens during the big reveal?

The big reveal on Instant Dream Home is a highly anticipated moment where the homeowners see their transformed homes for the first time. It is a culmination of the renovation journey and often evokes emotions of joy and amazement.

Who is the host of Instant Dream Home?

Danielle Brooks, a well-known actress and Tony Award nominee, serves as the host of Instant Dream Home. She guides homeowners through the renovation process, shares her expertise, and brings her passion for design and home improvement to the show.

How do the design team and the interior designer create stunning transformations?

The design team and the show’s interior designer collaborate to create stunning transformations on Instant Dream Home. They utilize smart storage solutions, incorporate unique fixtures, and choose furniture that maximizes space, such as floating shelves and multifunctional pieces.

What is the impact of the show’s renovations on homeowners?

The renovations on Instant Dream Home have a profound impact on the homeowners, their families, and the viewers. The transformations not only create beautiful living spaces but also provide a platform for local contractors and businesses to showcase their skills and leave a lasting impact on the homeowners’ lives.

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