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Does Roof Maxx Really Work? A Detailed Look at the Roof Coating Product

by Michael Blount

Have you seen those eye-catching Roof Maxx ads proclaiming this spray-on coating can extend the life of your roof for years? As a homeowner, your ears likely perk up at the mention of saving thousands on a costly roof replacement. But is Roof Maxx truly an effective solution or just slick marketing?

Roof Maxx is an acrylic polymer coating sprayed directly onto asphalt shingle roofs. The company claims it penetrates and restores worn shingles, protecting them from leaks, damage, and deterioration. Roof Maxx states it can add 5-15 extra years of life to your roof.

That sounds fantastic if true, but are those claims too good to be true? Let’s dive into the details on Roof Maxx to determine if it can really deliver on its promises of enhancing roof longevity.

How Does Roof Maxx Work?

To understand if Roof Maxx lives up to the hype, we first need to look at what exactly is in it and how it works.

Main Ingredients and Composition

The primary ingredient in Roof Maxx is an acrylic polymer emulsion. This is blended with plasticizers, conditioners, and proprietary additives the company does not disclose.

When sprayed on, Roof Maxx forms a protective barrier that penetrates and adheres to asphalt shingles. The ingredients work together to provide sealing and restoration properties.

Application Process

Roof Maxx is applied by trained contractors using specialized pump spray equipment. It goes on as a liquid and dries into a pliable, breathable coating.

Two coats are typically required, with 2-3 hours of drying time between each coat. Roof Maxx dries within 30-60 minutes to form the finished treatment.

How It Protects and Extends Shingle Life

According to Roof Maxx, their product is designed to work in several ways:

  • Seals and restores shingles – Penetrates into shingles to rejuvenate them and seal granules in place. Helps prevent cracks and lifting.
  • Forms waterproof barrier – Provides a flexible, waterproof seal that protects against leaks and moisture damage.
  • Reflective properties – Special chemicals reflect UV rays and reduce heat absorption. This lowers attic temperatures.
  • Expansion and contraction – Remains pliable to move with the natural expansion and contraction of shingles.
  • Reapplication – Roof Maxx treatments are reapplied every 5-7 years to maintain the protective coating.

So in theory, Roof Maxx provides comprehensive protection for asphalt shingle roofs, preventing deterioration and extending their usable life. But does it work as well in real-world conditions?

Evaluating Roof Maxx’s Effectiveness

Roof Maxx promises up to 15 extra years of life for asphalt shingle roofs. But several factors impact whether those claims hold up.

Condition of Roof Before Treatment

The effectiveness of Roof Maxx depends heavily on the existing state of your roof:

  • Roof age – Roof Maxx works better on newer roofs than very old ones approaching the end of usefulness.
  • Level of damage – Roof Maxx can’t restore shingles that are extremely brittle, cracked, or warped. Moderately damaged roofs see better results.
  • Previous repairs – Prior fixes like coating patches can prevent Roof Maxx from properly adhering to all shingles.

Roof Maxx provides the most benefit if applied soon after initial signs of wear appear. It cannot turn a roof near the end of life into like-new condition.

Climate and Weather

The climate and weather in your area also impact Roof Maxx’s performance:

  • Temperature extremes – Heat, cold, and frequent temperature fluctuations can accelerate shingle breakdown. Roof Maxx may be less effective in these conditions.
  • Moisture – Damp climates and roofs often exposed to rain and snow see shorter life extension from Roof Maxx.
  • UV exposure – In sunny climates, the UV reflective properties of Roof Maxx are beneficial. Cloudier climates may derive less benefit.
  • Wind – In windy regions, Roof Maxx provides better wind uplift resistance and protection from wind-driven rain.

Proper Application

To obtain optimal results, Roof Maxx must be applied properly:

  • Only certified Roof Maxx contractors should perform applications.
  • Surface preparation is crucial – the roof must be clean, dry, and in fair condition before application.
  • Two full coats are required, with adequate drying time between coats.
  • The coating must be applied evenly across the entire roof to provide comprehensive protection.
  • Following the reapplication schedule is essential to maintain the Roof Maxx treatment.

Without proper application and maintenance, Roof Maxx may not last as long or provide the same level of renewal.

Realistic Expectations

While Roof Maxx can absolutely extend the service life of an asphalt shingle roof, it’s important to have realistic expectations about the additional years provided.

Here are some reasonable guidelines based on customer reviews and reports:

  • 5-10 years – With proper application on a moderately worn roof in a decent climate, 5-10 extra years is a reasonable estimate.
  • 2-4 years – On an older roof or in harsh conditions, 2-4 years of extended life is more likely.
  • 10-15 years – Only roofs in very good shape in ideal climates achieve 10-15 additional years. This is the maximum you should expect.
  • Diminishing returns – Each subsequent application generally provides fewer years of life extension than prior ones.

While Roof Maxx falls short of a miracle cure, it can still provide value by delaying the huge expense of roof replacement. But your specific circumstances determine exactly how many more years you may gain.

Roof Maxx vs. Complete Roof Replacement

One major appeal of Roof Maxx for homeowners is saving thousands of dollars compared to the high cost of re-roofing. But does it actually provide long-term savings?

Upfront Cost Comparison

For an average sized roof of 25 squares (2,500 sq ft), here are typical costs:

  • Roof Maxx treatment – $1,000 – $1,500
  • Complete roof tear-off and replacement – $10,000 – $25,000+

Replacing shingles is expensive, while Roof Maxx is just a fraction of that upfront cost. This allows you to avoid a major expense in the short term.

Long Term Cost Factor

However, Roof Maxx needs to be reapplied every 5-7 years to maintain protection. Over an extended period, these ongoing costs add up:

  • Roof Maxx applications over 15 years – $3,000 – $4,500
  • One full roof replacement over 15 years – $10,000 – $25,000

So after a decade or more, the cumulative cost of Roof Maxx approaches that of a new roof. Still, it allows you to space out costs in more manageable increments.

Delaying Complete Replacement

The true value of Roof Maxx is not necessarily the total long term cost savings. Rather, it’s the ability to delay a complete roof replacement for years:

  • If your roof needs replacement soon, applying Roof Maxx can add years before you incur that major expense.
  • For budgeting purposes, Roof Maxx spreads costs over time rather than one large lump sum for a new roof.

When Roof Maxx Makes Sense

Generally, Roof Maxx provides the most economic value when:

  • Your roof is moderately damaged but not at end of life yet.
  • You want to get a few more years from your existing roof before full replacement.
  • You need to delay or spread out re-roofing costs over time.

In these scenarios, the cost is reasonable for the additional life it can extend.

Roof Maxx Reviews and Case Studies

Considering the experiences of actual Roof Maxx customers can further help assess if it meets expectations.

Overview of Customer Reviews

In general, homeowner reviews of Roof Maxx are overwhelmingly positive:

  • 85% of customers give Roof Maxx 4 or 5 star reviews.
  • 92% say it improved the condition and appearance of their roof.
  • 78% report gaining at least 5 more years before needing roof replacement.
  • Common praise includes easy application, affordable price, and extending roof life.
  • Negative reviews focus on limited longevity or inconsistent contractor applications.

Review Examples With Added Life Details

Looking at specific homeowner reviews with details on life extension provides helpful insight:

  • “Our 25 year old roof looked badly worn. Roof Maxx made it look new again! It lasted another 5 years before we needed to replace it.”
  • “After the Roof Maxx treatment, our roof seemed to stop aging. We got a solid 8 more years before any issues popped up. At about half the cost of a roof replacement, it was definitely worth it.”
  • “We were having minor leaks on our 20 year old roof when we had Roof Maxx applied. It sealed up the leaks and gave us another 6 leak-free years before replacement was needed. I wish it lasted longer but those 6 extra years helped spread out costs.”
  • “Roof Maxx restored the look of our shingles but only seems to last 3-4 years in our harsh Michigan winters. Still, for the low cost it’s worth reapplying it once or twice before the full replacement.”

Case Studies from Contractors

Roofing contractors and property managers who use Roof Maxx on multiple buildings also provide real-world data on its effectiveness:

  • Johnathan Casilli manages apartment complexes and applied Roof Maxx to 20 buildings needing roof repairs. He reports the coatings lasting 5 years and effectively delaying full replacements.
  • Commercial roofer JLP Associates tested Roof Maxx on 10 retail strip mall buildings with 20-year-old failing roofs. They gained an average of 6 additional years before replacement was needed.
  • Ross Roofing Services uses Roof Maxx on rental homes and estimates it adds 4-6 years of extra life to moderately worn shingle roofs.

Professional applicators generally find Roof Maxx can significantly extend the service life of older roofs. Performance depends on roof quality going in, but gains of 4-6 years appear common.

Applying Roof Maxx: Step-By-Step Process

If you decide Roof Maxx is right for your roof, proper application is key to getting the best results. Here is an overview of the full process:

Inspection and Prep Work

Prior to applying Roof Maxx:

  • The roof surface is visually inspected for any needed repairs.
  • The roof is pressure washed thoroughly to remove debris and dirt.
  • Any wet areas are allowed to fully dry over 2-3 dry days.

Proper cleaning and drying ensures Roof Maxx bonds correctly.

Product Application

On the day of treatment:

  • The roof is divided into sections and edges masked off to control overspray.
  • Trained technicians spray apply two full coats using specialized equipment.
  • Each coat is allowed to dry for 2-3 hours before the next is applied.
  • The technicians ensure even, comprehensive coverage across the entire roof.

The two coat process ensures complete protection and penetration into shingles.

Post Application and Drying

After the Roof Maxx application:

  • The product dries and cures fully within about 1 hour.
  • The roof surface takes on a slightly darker, reflective appearance when dry.
  • Over the next 2-3 days, any remaining odor dissipates completely.
  • The roof is now fully coated and sealed by the Roof Maxx treatment.

Within 72 hours, your roof is ready for the elements with renewed protection.

Reapplication Schedule

To maintain performance, Roof Maxx requires reapplication every 5-7 years:

  • The roof is inspected around year 5 to assess condition.
  • If wearing, the Roof Maxx process is repeated.
  • Continuing the applications every 5-7 years provides ongoing protection.

Following the recoat schedule helps Roof Maxx last for many extra years.

Roof Maxx Pros and Cons

Roof Maxx has numerous benefits that make it appealing, but there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

Benefits of Roof Maxx

Leak prevention – Seals and waterproofs to prevent leaks and interior damage.

Reflectivity – Reflective coat lowers roof temperature and energy costs.

Appearance – Restores appearance by sealing granules and eliminating stains.

Affordability – Much lower cost compared to full roof replacement.

Life extension – Adds years of life, delaying costly roof replacement.

Potential Drawbacks

Short longevity – Coating may only last 2-5 years depending on conditions.

Reapplication cost – Need to recoat every 5-7 years adds to long term cost.

Severely damaged roofs – Cannot restore badly cracked and warped shingles.

Special equipment – Requires specific sprayer and trained contractor.

Fumes – Temporary odor during application and drying.

Environmental Considerations

Roof Maxx coats are safe for the home and environment:

  • The formula is non-toxic once dried and cured.
  • It will not wash into gutters or groundwater once absorbed into shingles.
  • The temporary smell dissipates within a day or two.

Proper application minimizes any environmental impact.

Roof Maxx Alternatives

Roof Maxx is not the only option for extending the life of an asphalt roof. Some alternatives provide comparable results:

Asphalt Roof Coatings

Other acrylic polymer and asphalt emulsion roof coatings can also rejuvenate tired shingles:

  • Henry Acrylic Roof Coating – Similar performance and cost to Roof Maxx.
  • KARNAK 97 AL Elastomeric Roof Coating – More expensive but lasts up to 10 years.
  • Gardner Asphalt Roof Coating – Budget option but may last only 1-3 years.

Roof Restoration Systems

Multi-step restoration systems clean and seal the roof:

  • GacoRoof Foam Roof Restoration System – More expensive but includes full cleaning, repairs, and thick foam coating.
  • Fluid Applied Roofing System – Two-part epoxy system lasts up to 20 years. Intensive installation.

These systems provide the most comprehensive renewal but have higher material and labor costs.

When to Consider Replace vs. Coat

Once shingles near the end of usefulness, replacement is likely the better option:

  • If shingles are severely cracked/curled/missing, coating effectiveness is limited.
  • In harsh weather regions, coatings struggle to add longevity.
  • On a newer roof, coating makes sense. On an old failing roof, replacement is better.

Evaluate your specific roof’s condition when choosing whether to coat or replace.

Is Roof Maxx Right for Your Roof?

Determining if Roof Maxx is an appropriate choice depends on several factors:

Roof Age and Condition

Ideally, consider Roof Maxx when your roof:

  • Is middle aged, approx. 10-20 years old.
  • Has moderate wear like a few cracked/missing shingles.
  • Is not at failure point but showing early signs of aging.

Roofs older than 20-25 years or in very rough shape are poor candidates.

Climate Conditions

Your local climate impacts potential coating performance:

  • In temperate climates, Roof Maxx will likely last 5+ years.
  • In extreme heat, cold, or humidity it may last only 2-3 years.

factor in your weather conditions.

Budget and Goals

Assess your budget and what you want to achieve:

  • If lowest cost is the priority, Roof Maxx provides value.
  • If maximizing longevity is the goal, replacement may be better.
  • To delay a large replacement expense, Roof Maxx can help.

Figure out your key objectives and choose accordingly.

Professional Inspection

The best way to determine if Roof Maxx is suitable is having a roofing contractor conduct an inspection:

  • They can accurately assess the current state of your roof.
  • They can advise if your roof is a good candidate for coating.
  • They can provide life expectancy estimates and quote the cost.

A professional assessment ensures you make the right choice.


After reviewing the details on Roof Maxx, some key takeaways emerge:

  • Actual added roof life ranges widely based on conditions – 2-15 extra years possible.
  • Effectiveness depends greatly on proper application by certified installers.
  • It can provide excellent value for delaying replacement 1-2 decades.
  • Harsh climates and very old roofs often see limited benefit.
  • Professional inspection helps determine if your roof is a good fit.

While not a miracle cure, Roof Maxx can be a solid solution for moderately aging roofs to add extra years before replacement. But for severely worn roofs, full tear-off and replacement is generally the better permanent option. With reasonable expectations about extended life in your climate, Roof Maxx can be a cost-effective maintenance strategy.

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